Resistance Leader Remains Silent On Ellison

Liberal activist Linda Sarsour is making waves once again. The Islamist  Bernie Sanders surrogate stayed silent when asked about the allegation against Ellison. Sarsour is truly an example of what’s become of the Democrat party.

To be clear, Sarsour who has besmirched the reputation of Kavanaugh is now silent on Ellison’s abuse.  According to The Washington Free Beacon’s Cameron Cawthorne, when asked if she believes Ellison’s accuser she remained silent.

This comes after Sarsour blasted Senator Collins tweeting “she is a white woman and the Mother and Grandmother Of White women in America who gave us The Donald Trump presidency.” Suffice it to say the hypocrisy is glaring.

This silence of Sarsour reflects a broader trend in the Democrat party. Ellison remains deputy chair of The Democrat party. The same Democrat party that bitterly opposes Kavanaugh based on past unsubstantiated allegations is virtually silent on Ellison’s accusations.


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