Cruz Supporters: Restaurant Owners, Staff ‘Verbally Attacked’ Us At Debate Watch Party

Ted Cruz supporters say they were verbally attacked and told their kind was not wanted at the British Lion Pub in Frisco, Texas when they gathered for a Cruz debate watch party Tuesday night. One of the Cruz supporters implored his friends to never spend money at that establishment again. The Cruz supporters identified the restaurant’s ownership and staff as the parties responsible for the harassment.

12-year conservative activist Morgan McComb tells Big League Politics that she complained to management about a loud trivia night occurring during their event after the female Cruz supporters rented out space for the debate watch event. Then, liberal customers started saying vile things to the women.

“I went downstairs and asked the guy on the microphone if they could just stop…He was telling me and my friends that he didn’t like our type there. The people in the bar start realizing we were there for the debate, and they started saying very vulgar things,” McComb tells Big League Politics.

“I thought, oh my Gosh, this is the mob in Texas.”

“There were guys chasing my girlfriends up the stairs who work at the bar. The girl who got chased up the stairs is also an activist. We were like freaking out. They were basically verbally assaulting women, all of us were women,” McComb said.

One liberal customer told a domestic violence victim that she probably deserved.

“When the manager finally came out of the room he said, ‘Yes, I’m the owner…He said, ‘Are you yelling at me in my bar?'”

“He starts pointing at me with his middle finger in my face, and I told him please take your finger out of my face and do not talk to women like that,” McComb said, noting that the owner was missing a finger but was nevertheless pointing with his middle finger when he had another hand free.

“I said to him, are you even from this country?”

“He said, ‘This is my country, and soon all of you will find out.'”

McComb told her story in abridged form on Facebook.

“Tonight we tried to attend a debate watch party gone wrong. The liberal owner and employees and patrons verbally attacked many of my friends. It was just like the mobs on TV. That’s all I’m going to say. Republicans must book at Republican friendly places or someone will get hurt,” said Cruz supporter Morgan McComb on Facebook.

“The staff here tonight at the British Lion Pub Frisco are so incredibly rude! We are a party of over 150 people SPENDING ???? here trying to watch the debate upstairs and they are intentionally blasting trivia downstairs to prevent us from hearing the debate upstairs and several male staff were EXTREMELY HURTFUL ugly and rude to several female members of our group!,” Cruz supporter Roger Barone said.


“I’ll never set foot in there EVER AGAIN!,” Barone added.

British Lion Pub management did not immediately return a request for comment. BLP will update this report upon receiving their response.


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