Restaurants in Blue States that Promoted Lockdowns and Pro-Jailbreak Policies are Getting Pounded 

The hysteria that popped off when the Wuhan virus pandemic broke out has only intensified the growing divide between blue and red states. 

Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge noted that there’s a growing gap between America’s restaurant markets situated in states with strong lockdown policies and those who took a laxer approach to the matter. 

Durden cited a Fox News report that used data from OpenTable to demonstrate the disparity in restaurant activity between red states and blue states. It’s not only business policies that are impacting restaurant markets. Durden observed that Minneapolis was the “worst-performing city”, owing to how it was the center of the George Floyd riots in 2020. Since then, crime has surged in the city due to the lax policing measures that it passed in the wake of George Floyd’s death. One of the most shocking observations Durden made was when he noted that “the number of average daily diners in Minneapolis is still less than half what the city enjoyed in pre-Covid, pre-Floyd 2019.” 

“We’re just getting killed in Minneapolis,” restaurateur Greg Urban said to Fox News. “People don’t feel safe. They don’t feel safe coming to Minneapolis. It’s a public safety issue right now.” 

In the top 10 worst-performing cities, were leftist fixtures such as Portland, San Francisco, and Seattle. High-crime metros such as Baltimore, Chicago, Philadelphia, St. Louis, and Washington DC were also in this top 10 worst performers list.  

As for the top performers, these cities were largely located in the Sun Belt. For example, four of the cities (Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Naples, and Tampa Bay) were located in Florida. During the Wuhan virus pandemic, Florida stood out as a beacon of hope under the stewardship of Governor Ron DeSantis, who largely kept his state open throughout the Wuhan virus pandemic. Similarly, Arizona and Texas, two other pro-business states in the Sun Belt, both had two cities (Phoenix and Scottsdale & Austin and San Antonio) in the top 10 rankings.

Durden provided the raw numbers for the worst performing and best performing states:

10 Worst Lockdown-Hammered Restaurant Cities (Change in Daily Diners: July 2022 vs July 2019)

  • Minneapolis (-54.3%)
  • San Francisco (-45.9%)
  • Portland (-45.2%)
  • Seattle (-40.8%)
  • Philadelphia (-39.2%)
  • New York (-37.9%)
  • St. Louis (-28.2%)
  • Washington, DC (-27.3%)
  • Baltimore (-24.9%)
  • Chicago (-22.8%)  

10 Best-Performing Restaurant Cities (Change in Daily Diners: July 2022 vs July 2019)

  • Las Vegas (+35.7%)
  • Fort Lauderdale (+34.0%)
  • Miami (+32.8%)
  • Austin (+27.3%)
  • Naples (+25.4%)
  • Tampa (+22.3%)
  • Nashville (19.2%)
  • San Antonio (+18.6%)
  • Scottsdale (+18.0%)
  • Phoenix (+14.3%)


Indeed, there’s an undeniable policy bifurcation that’s taking place across the US. There are parts of the US that are separate countries at this juncture.

While red states still need a lot of work, they represent a genuine part of America that’s largely been untainted by the scourge of wokism and still offers people the ability to live normal lives and raise families in peace.

It’s an unfortunate reality of 21st century America. At this point in the game, those l who want to live in economically prosperous and socially stable states must settle down in red states, or least red counties or municipalities in blue states.

These days blue areas are no-go zones for individuals who desire peace, calm, and economic freedom.

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