Retired Colonel Douglas Macgregor Exposes Neocon Cabal Promoting War in Ukraine on “Tucker on Twitter”

Retired United States Colonel Douglas Macgregor believes that the neoconservatives who have embedded themselves in the Biden administration have brought about “horrific” damage to Ukraine. 

In an appearance on Tucker on Twitter on August 21, 2023, Macgregor declared that these people calling for greater escalation in Ukraine against Russia will lead to “the destruction of our whole [American] republic.”

“What we’ve done has backfired,” Macgregor added with respect to the United States and its NATO satrapies proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. 

In fact, Macgregor believes that the US will likely be pressured to directly intervene in Ukraine and confront the Russians head on. The retired Army colonel is of the belief that the US does not possess the military capacity to win in this conflict.

Macgregor observed that the Ukrainians had taken massive casualties. He asserted that  “400,000 Ukrainian men killed in battle,” which includes “at least 40,000 killed” in the “supposed counteroffensive which was supposed to sweep the battlefield.”

As for the neoconservative elites who have been pushing for conflict in Ukraine, Macgregor likened them to Bolsheviks who “have a permanent ax to grind with the Russians.”

He particularly singled out Acting Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland for being “a long-term committed neocon” similar to her husband Robert Kagan and brother-in-law Fred Kagan. “Wherever she goes, usually there is conflict, crisis and fighting. And she’s a strong proponent of fighting to the last Ukrainian.”

Macgregor declared that neocons “remind me very much of the Bolsheviks” who overthrew the Czar in Russia to usher in the Soviet Union in 1917. “They were unyielding, uncompromising. And that’s what we have in Washington. These people are completely uncompromising.”

Macgregor lumped Secretary of State Antony Blinken and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan into this neocon cabal. During his conversation with Carlson, the retired colonel added that “Russia has special appeal [to neocons] because I think these people have ancestors who came from that region of the world and have a permanent ax to grind with the Russians.”

In this case, Macgregor is alluding to Biden regime officials of Ashkenazi Jewish extraction who likely had ancestors who had ethnic axes to grind with the czarist regime in Russia. A disproportionate number of the Bolshevik revolutionaries were also of Jewish extraction.

One of the many perils of mass migration is how this process imports foreigners who bring ethnic grievances with them. Once these foreigners establish themselves and start insinuating themselves in positions of power, they will use governmental resources to carry out their ethnic beefs abroad.

All of this is done at the Historic American Nation’s expense. This is one of many reasons why the “invade the world, invite the world” of the neocons must be opposed at all costs.

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