Retired Lt. Col. Raul Reyes Vows to Stand Against Third-World Migrant Invasion as Texas Senator

Retired Lt. Col. Raul Reyes will stand boldly against the migrant invasion that is being allowed to cross the Texas state border by Democrats and complicit Republicans while serving in the state senate.

Reyes issued a comment to Big League Politics after border patrol posted a video showing how dire the situation has become in Texas:

Fox News journalist Bill Melugin filmed part of the unprecedented invasion and war on our national sovereignty and posted the footage on Twitter as well:

“The invasion of Texas is unacceptable.  I oppose this invasion in the strongest possible terms and I vow to continue to work tirelessly to protect and preserve Texas’ sovereignty,” Reyes told Big League Politics.

“The current situation of our Great State of Texas is emblematic of how current leadership has chosen their own self interests over the best interest of Texas families. I will take action on day one and join other true conservatives to save Texas!” he added.

Reyes’ opponent for District 24 state senate is Pete Flores, who has been endorsed by the pro-amnesty group, the LIBRE Initiative. While previously serving in the state senate, Flores refused to support House Bill HB4306, a reform that would have strengthened border security and infrastructure. Immigration patriot activists have started a campaign at to draw attention to Flores’ abysmal ‘America Last’ record.

Big League Politics has reported previously on Reyes’ determined efforts against the RINOs who lord over the Texas GOP and do nothing but offer trite lip service on securing the border and other crucial issues:

While many conservatives in other states believe that Texas is a firmly red state with a strong GOP, nothing could be further from the truth. Reyes explained how the establishment put up a complete fraud in Tony Gonzales to head off his insurgent America First campaign for the 23rd Congressional District seat last year, and then Gonzales won by the narrowest of votes under dubious circumstances.

“He had McCarthy’s endorsement, he had Michael McCaul’s endorsement, he had Dan Crenshaw’s endorsement. These are all RINOs,” Reyes said, adding that Gov. Greg Abbott also endorsed Gonzales against him as well.

“We were trumped on election night at 9:30 with all counties showing 100 percent, we were up 1300 votes, and then Bexar County, which is our largest county, goes back to 95 percent, and they proceed to do four updates which then rendered me seven votes upside down at 1:30 am, and when it all totaled out, we were 36 votes in the red,” he continued.

“We have a big problem down here. It’s a tactic they use not only in District 23 but across America. They don’t go with conservative, local, homegrown Americans that are for America First for their local districts who really represent their constituencies. They want to bring in their own puppets, and that’s how they do it,” Reyes added.

Reyes noted that Gonzales has supported the Jan. 6 commission to profile President Trump’s supporters as terrorists.”

The runoff election between Reyes and Flores for District 24 state senate is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, May 24.

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