Return YouTube Dislike Browser Extension Restores Video Dislike Count

A new browser extension tool is returning the beloved ‘dislike’ feature to YouTube, after the Big Tech monopoly purged the dislike count of videos last month.

The Return YouTube Dislike browser extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Brave. Developer Dmitry Selivanov created the tool, which restores democracy and criticism of the powerful to YouTube.

The tool uses application programming interface data to gauge the level of dislikes that a video on YouTube has already garnered. Google, YouTube’s owner, may soon remove dislike information from YouTube API data, but the extension’s developers say the system will switch to using information gathered by the extension itself to display dislikes.

Videos uploaded by the White House of President Joe Biden are consistently swamped with dislikes and negative comments, an inconvenient development for the Democrat which his Big Tech minions sought to ameliorate through eliminating the dislike count.

YouTube viewers are still able to dislike videos, but the count of dislikes is hidden in a move to protect establishment media and powerful oligarchs. Audience reaction in YouTube had grown increasingly negative to propaganda of the authoritarian left, a development unacceptable to the platform’s administrators.

Biden administration uploads continue to be met with overwhelming criticism and dislikes, with some of the latest videos flooded with dislike ratios similar to those before YouTube purged the dislike count feature.

Negative reaction to Biden administration video uploads mirrors dismal approval ratings for the unpopular Democrat president, with a meager 36% of Americans indicating they approve of Biden’s job performance.

The founder of YouTube itself, who sold the company a long time ago, has pointed to the elimination of the dislike count as a “stupid” move, even editing the first YouTube video ever published in protest of the attack on internet freedoms.

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