REVEALED: Anti-Gay Facebook Past of Right Wing Watch’s Jared Holt

A 2009 Facebook post from Right Wing Watch’s Jared Holt shows anti-gay remarks made by the the now-champion of “progressive” values.

“You are a F-R-E-S-H-M-A-N .. not a ‘freshie’ – shut up, you sound like a queer,” Holt said in the post.

The post has made the rounds in conservative online circles.

Holt calls himself an “investigative reporter” for Right Wing Watch, a project of the uber-left nonprofit People for the American Way. His job essentially boils down to ascribing Naziism and bigotry to prominent right-wing figures and groups.

In public, he appears to be a defender of LGBT rights.

“I don’t enjoy these right-wing figures any more than the rest of y’all, but please do not respond to my stuff with jokes about folks being in the closet, performing oral sex on each other, etc. ‘They’re gay’ isn’t a punchline and that crap is toxic. Be better,” he said in a May Twitter post.

He also cited the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has internal bigotry problems of its own, to deride the American Family Association as “anti-LGBTQ” and a “hate group” when it met with Walmart leaders in April:

But as usual, the holier-than-thou charade does not withstand any semblance of scrutiny.

Holt made the homophobic remark, among other disturbing comments, in a Facebook post deriding the incoming freshman class at his high school.

“Sex doesn’t make you cool and it won’t make upper-class boys think any higher of you,” Holt advised incoming female students. “So don’t go around bragging about it. No one cares and you look like an easy freshman whore. Just leave the slutty things you did in 8th grade, in middle school.”

“You are not cool. Everyone does hate you. You are annoying,” he said.

Holt did not return a comment request.

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