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FBI Documents Suggest Link Between Satanic ‘Finders’ Cult And CIA, Investigation Cover-Up



Last month, the FBI released over 300 pages relating to decades-old investigations into the “Finders.” Analysis of the eye-opening documents, which include police reports and correspondence between various agencies, reveals that the group was a satanic cult and suggests deliberate obstruction of justice by feds and the CIA, which is all the more relevant in light of the recent attention to sexual and child abuse scandals connected with the rich and powerful, and the shady history of US Deep State intelligence agencies.

The story began in 1987 in Tallahassee, Florida, with the arrest of two men traveling with six children aged 2-11, who stated they were on their way to a school for “brilliant” children in Mexico. The men were uncooperative with police, and the children were dirty, very hungry, without underwear, had bug bites, and seemed unused to modern technology like plumbing.

The FBI files reveal that one of the men had two copies of the Miranda rights, one of which started with “I have nothing to hide” and the other with “I have something to hide.”

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After picking up the men and children, law enforcement determined that they were connected with a cult called the “Finders,” which is known to have been led by a man named Marion Pettie who called himself the “Game Caller,” and would give missions to the members that could be anything from taking an odd job to traveling internationally.

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Local police and FBI carried out search warrants on both of the Finders’ locations, a farm and a warehouse near DC. What was found there appears to be a subject of controversy. A USCS agent reported “a substantial amount of computer equipment” and “documents purportedly containing instructions for obtaining children,” allegedly including “purchasing,” “trading,” and “kidnaping” children.

The warehouse was also the subject of an “inquiry” involving “classified maps of underground tunnel/sewer system” in DC. At the farm, police found evidence of a “satanic/cult ritual.” Contemporary stories report that photos recovered included children dismembering goats while watched by white-robed men; a child in chains; and naked children.

However, the investigation appears to have been quickly taken over by the FBI. Despite everything found, the search warrant was “shut down on first day,” and a subsequent FBI walk through examined no evidence.

A Customs agent interested in building a case concerning “possible export, neutrality act, mann act, and child pornography violations” was denied access to the evidence, and several later parts deny that the previously listed evidence even existed.

There are also numerous redactions involving what was found and the people and agencies involved, meaning it is possible there was further physical evidence originally recovered which remains wholly unknown.

That said, there appears to be at least one point where redaction was inconsistent, revealing information. One sentence reads “As far as is known, no details of [redacted] involvement ever became public.” Much later in the document, another reads “As far as is known, no details of CIA or FCIA involvement ever became public.”

The connection to the CIA goes back decades, as attested to in thoroughly sourced contemporary news clippings included in the doc. One from the Washington Times reports that a “Justice Department special task force is investigating whether the CIA used a cult called the Finders as a front organization to provide computer training to intelligence agents in the 1980s.”

It further cites a memo likely written by the previously mentioned USCS officer, who wrote that “the investigation into the activity of the Finders had become a CIA internal matter… [The Metropolitan Police Department] report has been classified secret and not available for review.”

The smoking gun, however, is a written record of an interview from 1987 with a “CIA Special Agent” who confirmed that the CIA is “working on the case.” When asked if the MPD investigation is “treading on anyone’s toes,” he replied “sort of.” In addition, he confirmed that a woman named Isabelle, listed in other places among entities associated with the Finders as Isabelle Pettie, in the past was employed by the CIA.

Despite all of this, within a few months all charges against the men picked up in 1987 were dropped, all the evidence was either destroyed or “returned to its owners,” and the children themselves were given to “individuals claiming to be their guardians,” who were from the cult.

The case was then reopened in 1993 when the Department of Justice requested an inquiry into the Finders, whether there was evidence that they had abused children, and “what role, if any, was played by the United States intelligence community.” There is no indication that this went anywhere.

The only part possibly more bizarre are two pages seemingly at random in the document that relate to an entirely different case, that of the McMartin preschool, which was a private school at which the owners were also accused of child abuse in the late 1980s. The trial concluded with the defendants escaping any criminal convictions. The victims made accusations of satanism and tunnels under the preschool, at the time seen as fantastical.

However, the FBI Finders doc confirms much of those allegations, as it includes a map and description of tunnels found under the McMartin preschool, along with a litany of evidence including pentagrams and hundreds of animal bones.

Both events are viewed by the mainstream today as part of an overblown “satanic panic.” However, these new documents conclusively vindicate all those, past and present, concerned with the possibility of actual satanic pedophiles connected to the US Deep State preying on children. These evil groups must be thoroughly exposed and ended once and for all.

For those interested in continuing the investigation themselves, the FBI doc contains more information than could be summarized here. There are also surely more old sources to be dug up, and at least one documentary on the subject.

Deep State

Is the FBI Preparing to Revoke 1st Amendment Protections for Trump Supporters?

Ripping off the mask.



After last week’s mostly peaceful protests at the Capitol, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) intends to browbeat and scrutinize Trump supporters as criminals, CNN has announced.

The rationale is that all Trump supporters are “extremists,” and if their constitutional rights are honored and protected, they might commit domestic terrorism, or something. 

“Federal officials stressed on the call with state, local, tribal and college campus law enforcement leaders that the FBI will not tolerate extremists using the First Amendment as a guide to incite violence,” CNN reported.

Predictably, the Rooskies are being trotted out as a familiar scapegoat for the growing anger that is building against corrupt government officials in both parties.

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“According to the source, federal officials said on the call that Russian actors have been amplifying the false narrative that members of Antifa infiltrated Trump supporters during the riot at the US Capitol, and the Chinese have seized on news stories showing chaos in the US,” CNN reported.

According to the article, the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and Office of the Director of National Intelligence are predicting that more violence is on the way.

“The violent breach of the US Capitol Building is very likely part of an ongoing trend in which (extremists) exploit lawful protests, rallies, and demonstrations, and other gatherings to carry out ideologically-motivated violence and criminal activity,” an intelligence brief from the deep state agencies stated.

Big League Politics has reported on the massive crackdown that has ensued since last week’s siege of the U.S. Capitol, which has put the entire political establishment on notice:

Meghan McCain, the venomously anti-Trump daughter of deceased Sen. John McCain, is calling for President Donald Trump’s supporters to be put into Guantanamo Bay.

McCain is calling for Trump supporters who participated in the infamous and historic Capitol siege in Washington D.C. last week to be detained in the facility typically used to hold foreign terrorists.

“I just think we need to treat domestic terrorists the way we do actual terrorists. I think we need to consider all possibilities. I’m not against sending these people to Gitmo. These are domestic terrorists who attacked our own Republic. They should be treated the same way we treat Al Qaeda,” she said during a discussion on ABC’s “The View.”

… McCain also endorsed impeaching President Trump or removing him with the 25th Amendment, thinking this incredible overreach would somehow prevent the likelihood of violence…

The events of last week have exposed who the RINOs are once and for all. The civil war within the Republican Party over the next election cycle will be epic.

The mask has been ripped off. Fair elections are no more, the Constitution is toilet paper, and the deep state will be treating patriotic Americans like ISIS.

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