REVEALED: Green Energy Group with Deep Chinese Ties is Dictating Policy for Biden Administration

The Biden regime is working with a China-tied green energy group on public policy that is affecting millions of Americans, investigations have shown.

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is a New York City-based nonprofit that has worked on climate issues in China since the 1990s. Many top officials from the NRDC have been paid employees of the Chinese Community Party (CCP) or its collaborators.

Former NRDC president Gina McCarthy was Biden’s top climate official from the beginning of his administration until stepping down earlier this month. The present NRDC president Manish Bapna has attended the White House at least two times in order to influence the administration on energy policy goals.

The NRDC’s scam is to criticize Western countries for their carbon footprint while giving China a pass. This helps the overall globalist agenda of promoting Chinese global dominance while destroying competitiveness and robbing prosperity from the West.

“China has made a serious commitment to turning its cities into healthier places to live and currently leads the world in renewable energy installation and electric vehicle penetration,” the NRDC website states.

“China’s leaders are sending a clear signal that China’s shift from fossil fuels to clean energy is accelerating and that ‘new energy’ should be the basis for China’s future energy system, rather than fossil fuels,” NRDC senior adviser Alvin Lin wrote in 2021.

Big League Politics has reported on how the Biden regime is celebrating higher energy prices for the American people because of their warped environmentalist agenda:

Kiss your gasoline car goodbye, peasant! Middle and working-class Americans should prepare their wallets — the transition away from fossil fuels “is long overdue and it can’t progress fast enough,” according to Biden Administration Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm.

The Biden energy secretary made the comments in a recent clip, explaining, “Right now we are witnessing the beginning of one of the most significant events in human history. The Clean Energy Transition.”

Granholm made similar comments back in March, claiming that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine proved Americans are facing an “urgent moment” to transition to “clean energy.” As The Post Millenial reported, these comments come amidst record high gas prices, unprecedented inflation, the continuing supply chain crisis, and a likely imminent recession.

Biden’s energy secretary is not alone in her demands to overhaul the American energy system. Joe Biden Climate Czar John Kerry has frequently shared his opinion on the issue as well, saying in July, “The challenge for all of us now is that no one country can solve this problem by itself. We all have to be able to reduce the emissions, we have to accelerate the transition.” The public statement was made by Kerry after he had recently traveled in a private jet, which emits far more pollution than any vehicle owned by the average American.

The illegitimate Biden regime is clearly doing the bidding of foreign powers and is working to bankrupt America and make the nation destitute.

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