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REVEALED: More Revolting Blogs by Rick and Morty Co-Creator Dan Harmon



4Chan and 8Chan anons have uncovered an old MySpace page belonging to shamed Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon, along with excerpts from his blog where he repeatedly uses the n-word and states he has sex with children.

Just last week, Big League Politics reported that Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon had deleted his Twitter account after an old video of him raping a fake baby (doll) resurfaced.

The video begins with Dan saying, “Hi, I’m Dan Harmon. You’re about to watch my controversial new pilot “Daryl”. Seemingly to be a parody of Showtime’s popular crime show Dexter, the video shows Harmon, playing the part of “Daryl”, a therapist who rapes the infants belonging to his patients. “I rape babies,” Harmon says directly into the camera. Daryl goes on to claim he can stop people from becoming serial killers just by raping them when they’re babies. One of the scenes includes Harmon’s character climbing through the window of one of his patients, pulling down his pants and crawling on top of the patient’s sleeping infant (a baby doll in the skit).

On Harmon’s MySpace page, which has been archived here, we find a response to an email addressed to Harmon from September 8, 2007, signed by “Mike”. The email is made up of little more than an ego-boosting cheerleading session for the Rick and Morty co-creator, but “Mike” does call Harmon out on those who left comments on his blogs. In Harmon’s reply titled, “Velvet Hair”, he jumps from one subject to the next, babbling about Charles Manson carving a swastika into his forehead, Dane Cook, his channel 101, and about how long his letters are whenever he writes to people.

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Harmon eventually recalls the purpose of the intended reply, and finally gets to the point of addressing “Mike’s” concerns-for a sentence or two, then starts rambling on again while repeatedly using the n-word, and other choice expletives. During this severe case of “thought diarrhea” that Harmon decided would make for a wonderful entry on his blog, he states, “I have sex with children.”

The following excerpts are thoughts solely from the author, Dan Harmon, and do not reflect the views of myself, or Big League Politics.

Harmon’s use of the n-word resonates throughout the archived MySpace blog, with him using it 18 times. Even farther back, in an entry from November 15, 2006 he writes about how he’s obsessed with the n-word, and he states that his usage of the word proves “how racist I’m not.”

In one of Harmon’s blogs from September 3, 2008 he writes about how being gay is a requirement if you’re a Republican.

*Excerpts from Dan Harmon’s blog ends.

In addition, a recently uncovered video starring Dan Harmon and Sarah Silverman where the n-word is used is also circulating on 4Chan, 8Chan and other social media.

Sarah Silverman is also close friends with Patton Ostwalt who has posted several tweets about pedophilia, with one stating, “I am a PROUD pedophile!”

Silverman and Oswalt co-starred in a Comedy Central short where the entire skit is based on the abduction of small children and full of “jokes” about kidnapping and molestation. Sarah brings a van onstage during a mock talk-show interview and says she hopes it’s one in a fleet of millions in what her character calls the “Good Van”. She jokes about molestation and even says, “It is okay to get in a stranger’s van-as long as that van has color TV, X-box with Rockband, the internet, a fridge full of cool drinks and a popcorn machine.”

Sarah picks up a few children from a playground, and during their ride one child needs to urinate and asks Sarah to pull over. Sarah responds, “Just go in my mouth.” In the clip above, Sarah asks another man in a van that’s all decked out in snake skin seat covers and fur, if he ever has “weird thoughts about children”. The man in the van is played by none other than Patton Oswalt, the self-proclaimed pedophile.

The skit, by the way,was written by Dan Harmon. 

The idea that pedophilia is something to be considered quality material for comedians to use in their stand up or shows is beyond unnerving. The past week or so, the same names keep surfacing. Several comedians, and other celebrities who claim to only be “joking” when describing the context of their pedophilia laced tweets and blog entries, all seem to either know each other, have worked with each other, or at the very least, support and defend each other’s twisted behavior.

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