REVEALED: The Leftist Election Strategy

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The Leftist Election Strategy

As their poll numbers crash and their economy sinks, Democrats have returned to a seemingly forgotten policy priority: election fortification. 

Across 35 states, one particular organization, born out of a reaction to former President Donald Trump’s 2016 election victory, has been aiming to raise money for the purpose of getting leftists into positions where they would be deciding which votes get counted in future elections.

Run For Something’s stated mission is to, “Recruit, support and mobilize diverse young people to get involved in the civic life of their communities, especially state and local government.”

Remember the 2020 election? Well, they’re kicking it into overdrive:

The Leftist Election Strategy

The program focuses on finding the right candidates to objectively oversee our future elections. But, as you may have been made aware by progressives you know personally or see daily, the “right” candidate for this group will be anything but “objective.”

The program’s specific goal is to raise money to locate and train 5,000 progressives for government positions that will oversee future elections. According to Politico, every public office position related to election administration will be open for newcomers to challenge and occupy “between now and 2024.

The fundraising goals for the program are ambitious: $80 million in three years to pack local elections with individuals chosen, trained and indoctrinated — don’t forget “supported” — by this radical leftist group.

The executive director and co-founder of the organization, Amanda Litman, was once the “email director for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign,” Organizing for Action’s deputy email director, and a copywriter for Barack Obama’s campaign for re-election. She has a $12 book on sale at Target titled, “Run For Something,” if you want to know the game plan — also available on the internet for much less than $12.

The Leftist Election Strategy

To give you an idea of who is running the organization packing local offices to decide the outcome of future elections, her book’s opening sentences are “No one asked Donald Trump to run for president (Putin might have asked Donald Trump to run for president.)”

When describing the offices of president and vice president, Litman writes, “How Old They Are Old. How White They Are Very. All but the one. How Male They Are one hundred percent.” On state legislators, her book laments reasonable legislation like “the infamous ‘bathroom bill’ that discriminated against” men using female bathrooms, and calls her readers to action, adding “The best way you can stop it is by fixing it yourself.”

There’s not much conservatives can do to stop this organization from its activities. But there is something conservatives can do to stop the organization from successfully accomplishing its mission: run for something! We’ve all seen the changes that can be made when conservatives get active. It’s time to stop shying away from government and embrace these positions as a means to blocking Democrat plans to force their insane demands on you and your family. Start moving in the right direction, and you’ll be surprised by how many Americans follow.

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The Leftist Election Strategy

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