REVEALED: Ukrainian Authorities are Warning About the Country Running Out of Weapons

Mykhailo Podolyak, the adviser to the head of Office of the President of Ukraine, recently stated that Ukraine’s military campaign and recent counteroffensive against Russia are largely floundering due to diminishing weapons supplies. 

As a result, Ukraine’s allies must supply additional weapons to it so that Ukraine can effectively confront Russia and stave off its invasion. 

“From the point of view of battlefield parity, there is indeed a significant shortage,” Mikhail Podoliak stated  on August , 2023 Friday, during a live broadcast on national TV.

Ukraine apparently needs the US and its satrapies in the Collective West to send more artillery shells and long-range missiles. Ukraine is facing a “certain shortage” of de-mining equipment, Podoliak continued noting. On top of that, the Ukrainian military is having problems repairing its damaged armor.

Podoliak believes that Ukraine is still lacking anti-aircraft and fighter aircraft, especially the US-manufactured F-16.

Ukrainian authorities have  been calling on its Western supporters to supply the country with F-16s for months, arguing that the fighter aircraft would assist “win the war” against Russia. Thus far, however, the US and its NATO satrapies have been reluctant to deploy jets to Ukraine. US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan stated that the military aircraft would have limited effectiveness on the battlefield owing to the heavy usage of air defense systems in Ukraine.

In response to Russia’s special military operation, Ukrainian authorities have been urging Western nations to provide it with sophisticated armaments. The Western-provided military aid has been extensively used by the Ukrainian government in the current counteroffensive, which kicked off in early June, which has been a dud thus far. This military campaign has failed to yet to achieve any notable results, while scores of Western-supplied equipment and vehicles have been destroyed or captured.

At the same time, Russian authorities have called on the Collective West to stop “pumping” Ukraine with vast amounts of weaponry, warning that the continued flow of military aid will only extend the conflict and bring about more damage to Ukraine as opposed to changing the ultimate outcome.

In fact, this continued push to use Ukraine as a battering ram against Russia will result in the veritable destruction of the Ukrainian state. Reaching true peace in Ukraine will first start with the cessation of military aid to it. From there, a negotiated settlement between Russia and Ukraine must be hammered out.

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