RFK Jr. Believes Middles Was “Systematically” Destroyed by Wuhan Virus Lockdowns

During an interview on Fox News in late April, Democratic 2024 presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. declared Wuhan lockdowns across the United States wiped out the middle class. He even added that the middle class has yet to recover from the lockdowns.

“The strength of a nation comes from a strong economy and a vibrant middle class,” Kennedy said to Fox News, “and we have wiped out the middle class in the country systematically.”

RFK Jr. is a leading critic of vaccines declaring that Wuhan virus related policies benefited the ruling class at the expense of the middle class. He claims that those lockdowns shifted $4 trillion in wealth from the middle class to a “new aristocracy of billionaires.”

Those lockdowns “created 500 new billionaires,” Kennedy declared. “The Oxfam report, which came out this week, shows that the billionaires that existed at the beginning of the pandemic, the people like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeffrey Bezos, Bloomberg, etc., increased their wealth by 30 percent during the pandemic. From the lockdowns. And [Bezos’s] Amazon got to shut down all of its competitors.”

RFK Jr. asserted that former President Donald Trump kicked off those lockdowns.

RFK Jr. continued, “I’m in a better position to run against Donald Trump than any of the Democrats because I can hold him accountable for the worst thing that he did, which was the lockdowns.”

Most of the lockdowns implemented in the US were kicked off at the state and local level, so Trump didn’t have much of a policy impact on this policy. Nevertheless, RFK Jr. is a breath of fresh air when it comes to Democratic politicians. 

He recognizes the importance of challenging government narratives on sensitive issues. For his questioning of the regime narratives, RFK Jr. has been attacked for allegedly spreading misinformation about vaccines. 

The Democratic presidential candidate countered by declaring that “a lot of the misinformation is just statements that depart from government orthodoxy.” The US needs more candidates like RFK. Jr. to shake things up. The current political order is filled with lifeless dinosaurs who only serve to perpetuate a corrupt political order that works against Middle American interests.

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