RFK Jr. Believes the Second Amendment is Settled

In a discussion with Twitter owner Elon Musk on June 5, 2023, Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. claimed that the Second Amendment question is already settled. He stressed that if he wins the presidency he will not attempt to confiscate firearms. 

Twitter user Dr. Benjamin Braddock published a quote where RFK Jr. Stated , “My position on gun control is that I’m not going to take away anybody’s guns. I’m a constitutional maximalist and the issue has been settled by the Supreme Court.”

The Democrat hopeful went on to address school shootings, highlighting that he is ready to take great strides to bolster school security and halt shootings.

RFK Jr. added, “I understand personally the heartbreak of gun violence…we have to stop school shootings…if it comes down to protecting schools like we protect airlines, we’ll do that.”

He expanded on the school shootings question by pointing to mass shootings more broadly, highlighting that he will “thoroughly investigate” any role that “psychiatric drugs” may have played in high-profile shootings.

RFK Jr. declared, “We…have to look at the role of psychiatric drugs…prior to the introduction of Prozac we had almost no events like this.”

RFK Jr. is a breath of fresh air among modern Democrats who are completely unhinged and out of touch with reality. If we want some sanity to return to the US’s two party system, there needs to be more dissent taking place among the ranks of Democrats.

The more that Democrats challenge their leaders’ policy priors, the better off our politics will be in the long-term. 

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