RFK Jr. Criticizes Israel’s Judicial Reforms

On July 25, 2023, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s judicial reforms during an event designed to to showcase his pro-Israel credentials. In recent weeks, the Democratic presidential candidate has faced criticism for his allegedly antisemitic behavior.

The event was run by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.

“I’m very proud of the Israeli Supreme Court,” Kennedy said to Boteach. “I don’t want to see it dismantled. I think it is a source of pride to the world about what an independent judiciary can do.””I can criticize Israel without being an antisemite,” Kennedy declared.

Kennedy’s remarks came after Netanyahu’s Judeo-supremacist coalition passed a law that would weaken Israel’s judiciary, which received widespread criticism from the Biden regime, the American Jewish establishment, and Democratic members of Congress.

The event Kennedy participated in held at the Glasshouse in New York, occurred days after he had verbal scuffles with Jewish Democrats during a Congressional hearing. These Democratic leaders accused him of making explicitly antisemitic comments after allegedly spreading a conspiracy theory that Ashkenazi Jews were largely safe from the “ethnically targeted” Wuhan virus pandemic.

At an anti-Wuhan virus vaccine protest, Kennedy declared that life during the pandemic was more difficult than in Nazi Germany. He also disseminated Wuhan virus conspiracy theories in a 2021 book with a chapter entitled “Final Solution: Vaccines or Bust,” where he likened the Wuhan virus mask mandates to Nazi medical experiments and described vaccine mandates as a “Holocaust” in 2015.

Throughout the event, Kennedy stressed that he has “never said an antisemitic word” in his life. He continued by noting that he has spent most of his life studying the Holocaust and Israeli history. Additionally, Kennedy defended unconditional military aid to Israel while taking the  Democratic Party to task for describing Israel as an “occupying nation.” 

Overall, allegations of anti-Semitism in the US have become meaningless at this point. It’s often a sign of a person who is asking uncomfortable questions about the Western ruling class and certain groups that occupy it. 

As for Kennedy’s views about Israel, let’s just say that it leaves a lot to be desired. If we’re being honest, Israel is a developed nation that should not be receiving unconditional military aid from US taxpayers. Plus, the Middle East is an area rife with tension that merits no US involvement whatsoever. With Israel taking a more hard-Right, ethnonationalist drift, its domestic politics are only going to make it more explosive. 

With so many problems the US is facing domestically and its southern border, there’s no reason  for it to get mired in the geopolitical venus fly trap that is the Middle East.

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