Rhode Island Moves One Step Closer To Expanding Abortion (Murder) Rights To 40 Weeks

Staying on par with Congressional Democrats, Rhode Island Dem’s are pushing for the legalization of abortion up to 40 weeks and the removal of common sense laws.

Early this week the radical bill (that is similar to the New York abortion bill) passed the Judiciary Committee in the Rhode Island state House. Live Site News reports, “The House committee voted 9-7 on Tuesday in favor of H-5125A, which faces probable approval by the full House as early as Thursday. It will still have to go to the state Senate, where a companion bill, S.152A, has been prepared.”

The extreme abortion advocate Governor Gina Raimondo has already vowed to sign the 40-week abortion law, stating late-term abortion is a woman’s healthcare choice.

Big League Politics previously reported about the danger of the proposed law.

“House Bill 5127 would allow previous common sense abortion laws to be removed from legislation. While it seems that the bill has some late-term abortion restrictions, it “adds a broad ‘health’ exception for abortions after viability,” reports Life News. This “health” definition comes from the Supreme Court case of Doe v. Bolton, which includes “age, economic, social and emotional factors.” This loose definition of “health” indicates that abortions could be performed up to 40-weeks for numerous “reasons” protected by the bill.”

The Planned Parenthood endorsed Governor’s commitment to make abortion legal at all stages of pregnancy seem to be the forerunner to the promotion of infanticide. Just as Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is under fire for his infanticide comments, could Gov. Raimondo be just one step behind him?