Rick Wilson, Joe Scarborough Try to Bust Trump With Fake Tweet, Fail Miserably

Liberal pundits and mainstream media gadflies Rick Wilson and Joe Scarborough tried to peddle a fake tweet from 2015 on Monday in order to score a point against President Donald Trump, unaware that they were spreading a falsehood.

Wilson initially tweeted an image of a supposed 2015 tweet in which Trump stated any President who was in office on the day the stock market declined more than 1,000 points should be placed into a cannon and fired. He smugly suggested that he agreed, under the impression that Trump had really tweeted such an idea in 2015.

The tweet coincidences with the large decline of stock market indexes as a result of the Chinese coronavirus. The markets suffered the single-day greatest drop since 2008 on Monday as a result of the virus.

Scarborough proceeded to retweet Wilson’s fake tweet shortly after. Both men were unaware that Donald Trump never actually tweeted such a statement.

It’s telling that scoring a cheap (and ultimately) fake own against the President is the highest priority for the mainstream media personalities, who largely disregard the human and economic toll the Chinese coronavirus is inflicting upon the world at large and the United States.

This isn’t the first time Wilson in particular has been fooled into peddling fake material in an effort to score cheap points against Trump. Wilson was tricked into peddling a prank dossier supposedly containing embarrassing information surrounding a Trump visit to Moscow. Online trolls later revealed they had created the document, of which Wilson appears to have fallen for hook, line and sinker.

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