Ridiculous $120k Banana Modern “Art” Display Eaten by New York Man

A New York performance artist went viral on Saturday after eating a ridiculous modern art display at the Art Basel gallery in Miami.

The display consisted of an ordinary banana that was taped to a white wall with a piece of duct tape. Somehow, the banana was sold for a whopping price of $120,000 to an unknown buyer. The piece was created by Italian “artist” Maurizio Cattelan, and the ridiculous transaction was answered of accusations of money laundering.

The museum reportedly was allowed to regularly replace the banana when it started to become rotten, but the piece of duct tape is kept in place.

The banana will have to be replaced after a performance artist named David Datuna simply approached it and began eating it. Onlookers of the so-called art display reacted in shock as Datuna simply retrieved the fruit from its duct tape, unpeeled it, and took a bite.

Datuna was escorted out of the museum after helping himself, but it doesn’t appear he’s going to face criminal charges for damaging the so-called work of art. Either the museum curators are in on a transparent money laundering scheme surrounding the banana’s $120,000 sale, or realize secretly that the masterpiece is little more than an everyday banana that can be easily replaced.

In somewhat fitting fashion, Datuna styled his consumption of the banana as a work of art in itself. The “performance artist” apparently engages in other stunts for artistic purposes, but it’s likely he was indulging his own sense of humor in eating Cattelan’s banana display.

It’s a bizarre world we’re living in, in which cosmopolitan elites seek to display their cultural superiority  over the unenlightened masses through idolizing something that’s plainly foolish and ridiculous to the ordinary person.


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