Ridiculous: Anti-Trump Anchor Shepard Smith was Paid $15 Million By Fox News

In the wake of liberal newscaster Shepard Smith’s departure from Fox News, it’s been revealed by none other than CNN that the longtime Fox host has been raking in an annual whopping salary of $15 million.

Fake news presenter Brian Stelter reported Shepard’s annual salary information on Saturday. While Stelter’s hardly a reliable narrator, it’s doubtful he would make up information that certainly makes the rogue former Fox host appear in a negative light.

It’s hard to imagine Fox’s massive payments to Smith as anything other than a massive waste of resources. For $15 million, Fox could easily afford to hire dozens of new up-and-coming journalists and cover many more elements of national politics often left forgotten.

Smith has been with Fox since 1996, and has likely made hundreds of millions of dollars during his lengthy tenure as a midday news reporter, if he’s made such a whopping salary for any length of time.

He quit his position at the network after an inter-channel feud with ratings kingpin and America First host Tucker Carlson, having been rebuked for his sniping against Carlson by Fox management.

Smith had already alienated much of Fox’s traditional conservative audience, embracing an editorial perspective many would expect to see at a liberal mainstream media outlet such as CNN or MSNBC. It’s likely the anti-Trump biased reporter will find himself re-hired as a host at the aforementioned within the next few months, free to propagate a progressive narrative to his heart’s content.

Fortunately, it appears his departure will open up a sizable amount of Fox resources that can be put to use investing in real reporting and newsworthy content.

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