‘Right Out of the Nazi Playbook’: Chabad Rabbi Defends Marjorie Greene’s Comparison of Vaccine Mandates to Yellow Stars in Germany

Chabad Rabbi Michoel Green appeared on Big League Politics Live to back up Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) after she was recently pilloried by the fake news media.

Greene was hammered because she compared creeping vaccine mandates to yellow stars in Nazi Germany. She refused to back down, even after craven GOP leaders threw her under the bus. Green believes the lawmaker said nothing wrong and her message will help prevent the same evils that led to the Holocaust. 

“A policy excluding people for not complying to any sort of medical policy is definitely right out of the Nazi playbook,” Rabbi Green explained.

Rabbi Green, who had family members that died in the Holocaust, believes that liberal Jews are doing a great disservice to their ancestors by complying with tyranny such as COVID-19 mandates. 

“The Holocaust was perpetrated in the name of public health… Jews and Gypsies and other genetically inferior people, so to say, they were accused of being more of a risk of spreading disease. And there was a typhus outbreak at the time,” Rabbi Green said.

“Under that pretense, that is how Jews were marginalized and forced into ghettos and ultimately into cattle cars. They said they were being taken to be cleansed and to be disinfected and that’s how Jews were led to enter gas chambers,” he added.

Furthermore, Rabbi Green is a dogged opponent of mandatory vaccination, believing the concept not only to be an affront to his faith but also an incredibly anti-American measure as well.

“Marjorie is 100 percent correct, and people who criticize her and people who complain that it’s off-limits, well, they just didn’t get the message of the Holocaust. They didn’t understand what happened. They say never again but it’s just lip service because it’s happening right now,” Rabbi Green said.

Rabbi Green explained how he was ostracized by leaders within the Hasidic community of Chabad because of his hard-line stance against COVID-19 lockdowns and mandatory vaccines. He says that leaders in the Hasidic community are more concerned with “money and power” but the rank-and-file are on his side.

“They realize that they have been lied to, and that they’ve been let down and betrayed by their leaders. So I think there will be more resistance. I hope there will be more,” Rabbi Green said after he was asked about future lockdowns. 

Rabbi Green can be followed at westbororabbi.blogspot.com. The full episode of BLP Live can be seen here:

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