Right-Wing Nationalist Sweden Democrats are Poised to Become the Nordic Country’s Second Largest Party

The right-wing nationalist Sweden Democrats (SD) is making significant progress and is expected to have a big splash in the Swedish parliamentary elections on September 11, 2022.

According to Euractiv, SD are set to be the second largest party  once the smoke clears from the parliamentary elections. 

A recent poll from SVT/Novus, revealed that SD will be the principal rival to the incumbent Social Democrats.

SD are projected to be at 21.5% compared to the Moderate party’s 17.4%. The ruling Social Democrats are hovering around 27.8%. 

According to various projections, Social Democrats, the Green Party, the Left Party, and the Center Party are expected to pick up 49.6% of the vote. 

On the other hand, the center-right coalition of the Moderates, the Christian Democrats, the Liberals, and the Sweden Democrats are polling at 49.3%. 

While marketed as a beacon of social democratic stability, Sweden has been swept with a wave of populism in the last decade due to its generous migration policies that have attracted unassimilable migrants from Africa and the Middle East. This has resulted in an overly strained welfare state and the creation of no-go zones across the country. 

This has proven to be a boon for Swedish right-wing populists who have used this disarray to push immigration restriction and gain more electoral clout. Should Sweden’s political class not confront this issue head on, right-wing nationals like the Sweden Democrats will only gain further clout. 

Even Europe’s most stable democracies aren’t immune to nationalist insurgencies.

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