Right Wing Polish Party Sees Its Instagram Account Temporarily Banned

On September 4, 2023, right-wing Polish party Konfederacja was temporarily banned on Instagram.

Instagram just banned Konfederacja’s account late last night.

The Polish election is in a month. Unacceptable foreign election interference. The party posted a screenshot of Instagram’s original justification for the ban, in which it argued that Konfederacja shared symbols, people, and organizations that it deems dangerous, in addition to praising or supporting them.

The ban on Konfederacja was eventually lifted on September 5.

“Meta [the parent company of Facebook and Instagram – editor’s note] suspended Konfederacja’s account again. This time on Instagram! Reason? Made-up nonsense! We are waiting – we have appealed, of course! #StopCensorship,” Konfederacja wrote on X. The right-wing party’s Instagram account enjoyed the support of 90,000 followers. 

In the screenshot that the party posted, Meta noted that the party had 180 days to appeal the decision. 

This is not the first time that Konfederacja has been censored by Meta. On a previous occasion Konfederacja, in January 2022 specifically, faced censorship at the hands of Meta. Per a report by spidersweb.pl, the platform banned the party’s account for allegedly publishing disinformation concerning the Wuhan virus and the pandemic. The party’s Facebook account was finally brought back in June 2023. Currently,  Konfederacja enjoys a Facebook following of 664,000 people. Many speculate that the restoration of Konfederacja’s Facebook account came after the pandemic ended.

Konfederacja is Polish for “Confederation.” It started out as a coalition of right-wing nationalist parties. It was later transformed into an official political party.

The Konfederacja  party is made up of staunch nationalists that oppose political correctness, globalism, and efforts to drag Poland into reckless geopolitical conflicts through NATO intervention. Such a party presents a threat to the Atlanticist political order that’s more concerned with promoting mass migration and never-ending wars. 

For that reason,  Konfederacja will get censored by Big Tech. Hopefully, this party continues growing in relevance in Polish politics. It holds the keys to turning Poland into a sovereign, prosperous country. 

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