RINO Adam Kinzinger Urges Democrats to Vote in Michigan GOP Primaries to Stop America First Candidates

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (D-IL) is interfering in the Michigan primary process to urge Democrats to cross over and vote Republican in Tuesday’s election in an attempt to prevent America First Republicans from winning.

Kinzinger is running a nationwide scheme to flood the Republican Party with Democrat voters in states that have open primary processes, in order to weaken the GOP and make it less responsive to its constituents. He calls his organization “Country First” and is bragging about $250,000 in last minute spending to meddle in various state legislature races.

“There is a movement in Michigan from the MAGA crowd to take over the state legislature, and it is their number one target right now,” Kinzinger said in a statement.

“And if Country First doesn’t stop them, they’ll basically be able to throw out the will of the people. So, we are engaging in very targeted areas with the hope of making a big impact. We want Michigan to stand as a bulwark against the forces waging war on democracy,” he added.

Big League Politics has obtained copies of mailers and text messages that are being sent by Country First to voters throughout the state of Michigan:

Country First is getting involved in the 4th, 22nd and 35th state senate Districts and the 43rd, 63rd, 72nd, 79th, 84th and 88th state house districts in Michigan. This includes opposing Trump-backed state senate candidates Jonathan Lindsey and Mike Detmer as well as Trump-backed state house candidates Angela Rigas and Mick Bricker.

Big League Politics has reported on other illicit schemes in the Michigan primary that are being perpetrated to unduly influence Republican elections using Democrat votes:

“Michigan Democrats are openly plotting election fraud in a Republican state house race, colluding to put a stealth Democrat into office as a Republican and urging Democrat voters to illicitly flood the Republican primary race during the Aug. 2 primary.

Failed state house candidate Sarah Schulz is bragging about the plan to put Midland County Clerk Ann Manery, a far-left liberal, into office as a Republican under false pretenses by duping the voters on election day.

“All it takes is a few thousand local democrats and independents to vote over on the Republican side of the primary ballot for Ann. (and NOT cross your ballot and vote for any Dems this time),” Schulz wrote in a Facebook post.

“Ann is pro reproductive rights, pro gun safety, and pro LGBTQ+ rights.  She believes in the validity of the 2020 election (and I think we should listen to her on that one – she is, after all, the county Clerk!). She’s a 30-year+ public servant in our county who has always put people over politics. Regardless of party, I would be honored to have her as my representative,” she added.

Manary is taking on Bill Schuette Jr. in the Republican primary for Michigan’s 95th State House District. Schuette Jr.’s father is Bill Schuette Sr., the Trump-endorsed Republican nominee for governor in 2018. Schuette Sr., the state’s former attorney general, lost to current Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who oversaw the presidential vote steal operation against Donald Trump in 2020.

Manary is clearly a willing party to Schultz’s dishonest and potentially illegal election fraud ploy, reposting Schultz’s articles regularly on her own Facebook page. Manery is coming out of the closet as a liberal in disguise, a fact that she has concealed for decades to serve as clerk in the solidly conservative county of Midland.

The Uniparty is lining up to destroy the America First movement in Michigan. On Tuesday, Michigan voters will demonstrate whether or not they fall for the establishment propaganda or finally rise up against their ruling elites by rejecting their bought-and-paid-for machine candidates.

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