RINO ALERT: Congressional Candidate Jesse Jensen Voted Against Trump, Simped for AOC…And Now He’s Trying to Con Washington State Republicans!

Washington state District 8 Congressional candidate Jesse Jensen is running in a crowded primary for a U.S. House seat, with the election day coming up on Tuesday, and he is concealing a record of opposing Trump and supporting leftist causes in an attempt to win over America First conservatives.

“You see, you know, the strength that was projected by President Trump and you see the weakness that has been projected by Joe Biden, and you know, elections have consequences, folks… we brought this on ourselves, and we need to stand up and be counted in 2022, and again in 2024,” Jensen said during an interview with Breitbart earlier this year.

Even though Jensen talks the talk, he does not walk the walk and his long-standing record indicates Jensen’s completely lack of authenticity.

“One of the first conversations that I hope to have once elected is with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, because she is a fantastic role model for my two daughters,” Jensen said to NPR in 2020 before he was told by consultants to reinvent himself as a conservative.

When Jensen ran for the same Congressional seat in 2020, he ran as an anti-Trump moderate. He said that he “believes the scientists” on issues like climate change and COVID-19 as he donned a mask for a photo op. Jensen also refused to vote for President Trump in 2016 against Hillary Clinton, preferring to throw his vote away and write-in “the ghost of Teddy Roosevelt.”

“I’m not going to be a parrot for Donald Trump,” Jensen said in 2019.

Jansen is far from the only stinker running as a Republican in the 8th Congressional District race of Washington state. GOP candidate Reagan Dunn reportedly abused his ex-wife and severely neglected his 5-year-old daughter during a hellish bender on a lobbyist-funded yacht excursion back in 2017.

In court documents, Dunn’s ex-wife described his “failure to fulfill parenting duties,” his “alcohol and drug use,” his “explosive anger,” and his shameful “failure to feed the children appropriately.” She believes Dunn’s “ADHD and narcissistic personality traits” contribute to his unstable, erratic personality and inability to stay off the booze.

The only America First choice in the 8th District Congressional race is Scott Stephenson, who has put up hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own money into the race and is not beholden to any corporate special interests.

“I am not by any means a career politician or a political insider,” Stephenson said. “I’m a father and an American who believes that establishment politicians on both sides of the aisle have failed us.”

“I have no interest in being a career politician or a political insider,” Stephenson added. “I didn’t come up through the ranks of the Republican establishment, I was inspired to enter the race for Congress by President Donald Trump, who showed that people from outside politics who aren’t beholden to special interest money can make a real change in the direction of America.”

The Washington state 8th Congressional District race is seen by experts as a toss-up. Republican voters must be wise while making their decision during Tuesday’s primary election so they do not waste this opportunity by putting up a RINO like Jensen or Dunn.

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