RINO ALERT: Establishment Goes All In For Candidate Who Rubbed Elbows With Pro-Aborts

For residents of Houston’s 7th Congressional district, Maria Espinoza is the only America First candidate on the ballot.

However, the United Republicans of Harris County PAC had different plans in mind when it endorsed Cindy Siegel for Congress.

Siegel was the former mayor of Bellaire, Texas and had a solid track record during her time in office.

However, Espinoza has gone above and beyond the call of duty through her leadership at the Remembrance Project, where she has taken on the issue of mass migration.

On top of that, Siegel was caught taking a photo with pro-abortion establishment Republican Sarah Davis. Davis received a cool check of $20,000 from the notorious pro-abortion group Planned Parenthood. So, there are questions about Siegel’s willingness to pal around and cut deals with establishment politicians, which is all too common in D.C.

The jury is out on Siegel, but Espinoza is the real deal due to her laser like focus on immigration.

Since immigration is the most important issue heading into the 2020 elections, Espinoza is a no-brainer for immigration patriots in Houston’s 7th district.

If Texans are serious about ending the mass migration status quo, they cannot afford to have mediocre representation in Congress.

The Harris County Republican Party can be reached at the number below:

(713) 838-7900

Immigration patriots should inquire about why Siegel was endorsed and why Espinoza was overlooked.





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