RINO Maryland Governor Votes for Ronald Reagan in 2020 Election, 15 Years After Gipper’s Death

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan told the Washington Post that he cast a write-in vote for deceased California Governor Ronald Reagan on Friday, raising questions as to why the governor voted for a deceased individual.

“I know it’s simply symbolic. It’s not going to change the outcome in my state. But I thought it was important to just cast a vote that showed the kind of person I’d like to see in office,” said Hogan of his mail-in write-in vote for Reagan. The 40th president has been deceased since 2004, and would be ineligible for a third term in office anyway, making Hogan’s vote a little more than a fantasy.

Hogan is a longstanding RINO Republican who has staunchly opposed President Donald Trump since his 2016 campaign. He supports amnesty for illegal aliens, a right to abortion, and other left-wing Democrat policies.

The fact that he voted for a figure from the distant past reveals “classical liberal” Republicans of his ilk to be deeply unserious, fantastical and ideological. Perhaps if Governor Hogan thinks there’s a better alternative to President Trump, he should select someone who’s actually alive and eligible to serve as President.

Hogan had spoken of the possibility of challenging President Trump in the 2020 Republican primary, but such rumors were just that: talk. He proved willing to snipe at the President from the sidelines, proclaiming his expired vision of conservatism to be superior while declining to place it to the challenge of voter scrutiny.

Reagan was a good president, although in hindsight he committed major errors on policy matters such as immigration. But he’s been out of office for more than 30 years, and dead for half of that time. It’s well past time for Republicans to recognize him as a historical figure of the past, as opposed to a guide for American politics nearly four decades after his presidency.

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