House Leader PERMANENTLY BANISHES Trump Favorite Matt Maddock from Michigan GOP Caucus

The Republican establishment has never been friendly to President Donald J. Trump and his America First agenda. They’ve attempted to thwart him at every turn, and now they’re cracking down on his coalition in Michigan, a key swing state in the upcoming 2022 midterms and a state in question during 2020.

Republican State Representative Matt Maddock, hailed by many as a conservative hero and Trump’s pick for Speaker of the Michigan House in 2022, was banished from the MI House Republican Caucus by RINO Speaker Jason Wentworth Tuesday afternoon.

Maddock’s removal from the House Republican Caucus comes immediately after a huge win for the Trump movement this past weekend, where Trump-endorsed candidates for Attorney General and Secretary of State, Matt DePerno and Kristina Karamo respectively, successfully defeated their RINO counterparts and devastated the big money GOP establishment.

Karamo and DePerno, both grassroots political outsiders who had served honorably in the private sector throughout their careers, defied all odds in their successful bid at the MIGOP convention, sending immense pain and anguish throughout the circles of the political elites. One RINO state committee member, election fraud denier and DeVos lackey Tony Daunt, even quit the state committee of the Michigan Republican Party in response to the recent events after writing a whining, crybaby letter.

Speaker Wentworth likely retaliated against Maddock, whose wife, Meshawn, endorsed Karamo and Deperno in her role as Michigan Republican Party co-chair. Wentworth gave $30,000 to former Michigan House Speaker Tom Leonard, Matt DePerno’s top opponent and The Swamp’s pick for Attorney General, and his investment paid for little more than a humiliating defeat at convention. Mr. and Mrs. Maddock have long-been considered de facto advisors for Trump on the state of affairs in Michigan and remain loyal confidants to the 45th President.

But DePerno and Karamo’s victory is far from the only thing triggering the elitists. All across the state, grassroots right-wing candidates are rising up and primarying their establishment opponents. Many of these candidates, such as Jacky Eubanks and Jon Rocha, have received Trump’s endorsement, creating lightning bolts of animosity and resentment among the traditional do-nothing Republicans. To many, the Maddocks are seen as the leading marshals in this Trumpian uprising, with even the Huffington Post alleging that the Maddocks are directly responsible for many of these Trump endorsements. With primary battles springing up all over and Maddock’s candidacy for Speaker having President Trump’s blessing, Wentworth decided to remove him from caucus, believing this may stop the inevitable.

Due to term limits, Wentworth is not up for re-election in 2022, thus will no longer be Speaker this January. Originally, Wentworth was committed to backing State Rep Andrew Fink as his successor, but with a looming primary coming from pro-Trump challenger Steve Meckley, Fink looks like a sinking ship. Wentworth has since seemingly abandoned Fink to sink alone, allegedly throwing his support behind Rep. Matt Hall for Speaker. Matt Hall presents himself as a pro-Trump Republican, but he was instrumental in helping bury election fraud whistleblowers in the aftermath of the stolen 2020 presidential election.

Clearly, the fifth column of the Republican party is attempting to find anyone but Maddock, defying President Trump’s (and their voters’) wishes. But as they saw at state party convention this past weekend, the grassroots is in charge of the Michigan GOP now, and the RINO establishment is in its death throes no matter what they do at this point.

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