RINOs Don’t Fool These Republican Ladies

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RINOs Don’t Fool These Ladies-

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) was a visibly unpopular speaker at an event held recently for Republican women in South Carolina. The embattled politician struggled to dance around a question regarding harsh criticism she had for January 6 protesters and for then-President Donald Trump. 

Mace was asked, “Do you feel Donald Trump was responsible for January 6? Do you see him as an insurrectionist? And should his people, who are still in jail, be there?” An eruption of applause broke out in the audience as the questions on everybody’s mind were asked in one direct shot.



Mace tried to begin speaking over the applause, to no avail. When the cheering died down, she attempted to blow past the question, touting her membership on the “civil rights committee,” and explaining that:

I’ve told everybody, I don’t care what you’ve been been arrested for, if you have lacked due process, whether it’s January 6 or another, call our office and we will assist you. There are members of Congress, who are Democrats, if you are arrested for January 6, they will turn you away and they will not help you. Two, I’ve been working on civil rights issues for a long, long time, both as a state lawmaker and as a member of Congress, so I don’t care who you are or what’s happened, call our office and we’ll help you.

Sensing the crowd’s displeasure with her canned political answer, Mace switched gears and appealed to the audience as a “single mother.” But she wasn’t getting away that easy.

As she sidestepped the question, women in the audience could be heard vocalizing their disapproval. “She didn’t answer the question” echoed from multiple voices. Eventually, one of the event’s leaders tried to quiet the crowd.

The discussions in the crowd evolved into demands directed at the speaker: “Answer the question.” At that point, the Republican Party handler, having been unsuccessful at quieting the annoyed attendees, came to Mace’s aid. She condescendingly tried to silence the crowd by justifying the South Carolina representative’s right to not answer the question, saying, “She has 30 minutes. It’s her time and she can use it any way she wants to.”

“She can’t answer,” shot back one woman immediately. The room then erupted in boos and jeers as Mace thanks her fellow RINO for her support. But the crowd didn’t stop; so, the handler was handed a microphone with which she waddled toward the center of the room and scolded the audience, “Listen, you are Republican ladies,” to which these Republican ladies responded assertively, “No, she needs to answer the question.”

The entire scene is heartwarming for anybody who remembers the many Republican traitors in early 2021 who grandstanded against their own supporters and party to save their skin. Mace was a big offender. And the Republicans in South Carolina remember.

Mace voted to certify the contested results of the 2020 presidential election. She is firmly on the other side of the line drawn by Republicans last year, when voters demanded their representatives fight for answers in an election with very concerning irregularities. There’s not much she can say now that will reverse the justified resentment for her self-serving cowardice that day.

Just after the Capitol protests of January 6, Mace went on a media tour denouncing the protests, the protesters and President Donald Trump. In a desperate attempt to throw Republicans under the bus in the interest of saving herself, she visited CBS, ABC, CNN and other networks on a full smear campaign where she attacked Donald Trump and his supporters.

Following the protests, Mace gave her opinion about Trump to CNN: “His entire legacy was wiped out yesterday.” While she voted against impeachment, her immediate jump to disavowing and apologizing at the first sign of shifting political winds shows a weak leader who should not be in Congress.

Mace also voted to hold Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress when he defied a politically-motivated subpoena from the January 6 select committee — a side show that has yet to even accomplish the complete release of video footage from that day.

RINOs Don’t Fool These Ladies-

Trump has endorsed her challenger, Katie Arrington, who has served in South Carolina’s House of Representatives.

Despite Trump’s clear rejection of her candidacy, Mace claims to be the continuation of the Trump movement.

In what has become a trend in the Republican Party, the idea of a Trumpism without Trump is being pushed across conservative circles. They want to pull conservatives back to the pre-Trump days when they walked on eggshells, afraid to stand up for conservative values. They want the “principled conservatism” that’s turned America into a bankrupt bacchanalia on the verge of ruin.

Republicans have had enough of traitors in their party standing on their shoulders for their own personal gain. Mace can hit every talking point in the Trump playbook, but her actions are what Americans remember. And South Carolina Republicans seem poised to deliver a message to her that’s been coming since the moment she betrayed her voters during her first days in Congress.


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RINOs Don’t Fool These Ladies-


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