RIP: Capitol Police Officer Dead After Capitol Protest Was An Anti-Iraq War Veteran, Donald Trump Supporter

The Capitol Police officer who died as a result of injuries suffered during the protest outside of Congress on Wednesday was a Donald Trump supporter and a veteran.

42-year old Brian Sicknick, a twelve-year veteran of the Capitol Police, died on Thursday night. The nature of his injuries are still unclear. Reports have suggested that he collapsed at a Capitol Police facility after the protests concluded. Sicknick may have incurred a fatal blood clot as a result of being struck in the head during the protest. The Capitol Police indicated that he “was injured while physically engaging with protesters.”

A former Nancy Pelosi staffer who knew Sicknick described him to a Washington Post reporter as a Donald Trump supporter.

A Twitter account created in July of 2019 in Sicknick’s name features President Trump’s private plane and patriotic imagery.

Sicknick’s Facebook page also features patriotic imagery.

Sicknick served in the New Jersey Air National Guard before becoming a Capitol Police officer. He described himself as an opponent of the Iraq War in letters to a New Jersey newspaper, in addition to speaking of difficulties that members of the reserve components of the military faced in balancing their service with civilian employment.

Sicknick wrote on multiple occasions to the Central New Jersey Home News on topics ranging from his initial support for George W. Bush, to later opposing Bush and the Iraq War, to veteran’s issues and the influence of corporations.

This would’ve been just as tragic if Sicknick were a Joe Biden supporter or any other political persuasion. 35-year old Ashli Babbitt, nother veteran who was protesting with the pro-Trump demonstrators at the event, was shot and killed under questionable circumstances by an armed guard inside the Capitol.

Sicknick’s death is being investigated as a homicide.

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