RNC Sues Nevada Secretary of State Cisco Aguilar For Abnormally High Voter Registratio

On March 19, 2024, the Republican National Committee sued Nevada Secretary of State Cisco Aguliar arguing that the state has “impossibly high” voter registration rolls.

The lawsuit claims that the Nevada state government is failing to abide by the requirements of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) which requires that voter rolls must maintain “clean and accurate voter registration records.” The RNC argues that based on its research analysis, 5 of Nevada’s 17 counties have abnormally high voter rolls which they believe demonstrates a clear violation of the NVRA, the lawsuit asserts. 

“Election integrity starts with clean voter rolls, and that’s why the National Voter Registration Act requires state officials to keep their rolls accurate and up-to-date,” RNC Co-Chair Michael Whatley stated in a March 18 press release. “Nevada has universal mail voting and no voter ID requirement, which makes Secretary of State Cisco Aguilar’s failure to comply with the NVRA and provide accurate voter rolls all the more concerning. Securing clean voter rolls in Nevada is a critical step towards ensuring that it will be easy to vote and hard to cheat.”

“At least three Nevada counties have more registered voters than they have adult citizens who are over the age of 18,” the lawsuit added. “That number of voters is impossibly high.”

The lawsuit asserted that two counties in Nevada have active voter registration rates that exceed 90% of adult citizens above the age of 18. That figure, the RNC argues in its lawsuit, “far eclipses” the national voter registration rate and in state-level elections in recent times.

Election integrity is a critical issue in our epoch. It’s one of those subjects that if we don’t get it sorted out, the very country we have come to admire and respect, will go down in flames. 

For too long, political leaders have had the mindset that “it can’t happen here” and have long assumed that the US can’t stoop any lower in terms of politics. 

Unfortunately, such assumptions are naive at best and will lead to the inevitable collapse of the US as a functional polity. Good on the RNC to take steps towards forging clean elections.We’re going to need a clean electoral system to be able to wrest power away from the parasitic class that rules over us.

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