Rob Schneider Slams “Orwellian Nightmare” of Silicon Valley Censorship

Longtime actor and comedian Rob Schneider took aim at the censorship tactics employed by Facebook and other social media companies in a tweet thread over the weekend.

Schneider, well-known for his appearances in movies such as Waterboy and Deuce Bigalow, condemned Facebook’s decision to impose a total ban on Paul Joseph Watson and Infowars, in addition to other political personalities.

Schneider is one of the few widely known performers in the entertainment industry to take a stance against political censorship.

James Woods, another actor, has been banned by Twitter for weeks now for creating content exposing the hypocrisy and political cowardice of progressives, and the social media companies under their control.

Schneider’s decision to speak out against censorship despite the plausible threat of career ramifications in left-wing Hollywood circles goes to show that popular backlash against Big Tech’s policy of mass political censorship is reaching new levels of intensity.

Facebook may be forced to make an embarrassing retraction in policy. Social media companies have occasionally been made to overturn ban decisions, such as when Twitter was forced to overturn a ban of conservative pundit Jesse Kelly in response to a backlash.

Many conservatives and First Amendment supporters have watched in frustration for years as companies like Facebook and Twitter purged their platforms of voices that criticized progressive and liberal orthodoxy.

But now more users of social media are speaking up against censorship than ever before. Rapper Snoop Dogg, incensed at the banning of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, called for his Instagram followers to post content from the Muslim cleric.

Everyday citizens without the audiences of celebrities such as Schneider and Snoop Dogg can be silenced with impunity by the liberal self-appointed Masters of the Universe.

If prominent social media users continue to speak out against the censorship tactics of the tech oligarchs, they could quickly face repercussions for their authoritarian vision of the internet.


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