Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke Thinks Criminals Will Play Nice and Hand Over Their Guns

Democratic 2020 candidate Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke believes that the government will not need to coercively confiscate firearms from violent criminals, because they will hand over their weapons.

O’Rourke made this assertion on Wednesday, October 16, 2019, during a CNN interview while he was outlining his mandatory “buy-back” proposal. The former congressman from El Paso claims that mass shooters will simply turn in their AR-15s under his legislative proposals.

CNN host Carol Costello asked Beto:  “You expect mass shooters to follow the law?”

“Our fellow Americans will follow the law, yes,” O’Rourke replied.

However, Costello expressed skepticism stating that “Mass shooters … don’t follow the law — by definition.”

She continued, “It doesn’t make sense that people are going to hand over their ‘assault weapons’ if they’re mass shooters. If they want to do harm to people, they’re not going to follow the law.”

The National Rifle Association (NRA) commented on the clip from the interview, labeling O’Rourke’s gun-grabbing proposal as “shocking.”

“They kept reminding Beto that criminals don’t follow laws and won’t turn in their guns,” the NRA tweeted. “Beto refused to answer how he plans on carrying out his scheme. This came hours after Beto promised to go door-to-door.”

O’Rourke is under the impression that deranged shooters will somehow give up their firearms voluntarily under his anti-gun proposal, which in many ways is the spiritual successor to the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994.

This past gun control legislation was found to be ineffective in curbing gun violence according to a report from the Department of Justice’s National Institute of Justice.

Nevertheless, gun controllers don’t care about facts and they continue pushing for their anti-gun schemes.

They will have a tough road ahead of them when considering that there are 16 million AR-15s in private hands in the United States based on data from the National Shooting Sports Foundation.



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