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Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke Will Begin Teaching at Texas State University in Spring 2021

The Failed Senate Candidate Will Start Indoctrinating College Students  Next Year



Former Congressman and failed Senate candidate Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke will start teaching Texas politics at Texas State University during the spring 2021 semester, according to an announcement by the Department of Political Science on October 15, 2020. Although his hire has not been finalized, O’Rourke will join the department to teach an online class.

Political Science Chair Ken Grasso said he talked about potential course material with O’Rourke. The former congressman said he has taken a great interest into Texas politics recently.

“He originally approached people in the administration… and expressed an interest in teaching,” Grasso commented. “I was thrilled. He’s got a unique take on things with his experience as a congressman and as [a] senatorial candidate and even a presidential candidate. So we’re very happy to have him.”

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In addition, Grasso claims O’Rourke wants to reach out to young adults and is motivated to teach, above all, during a “crucial time for the state and the country.”

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Grasso is of the opinion that the addition of O’Rourke would bring a lot of energy to the political science department.

“I don’t know that so much it’s going to increase enrollments; it’ll certainly increase visibility,” Grasso opined. “That’s always a good thing. We tend to sometimes to get lost in the shadow of other institutions.”

If the Wuhan virus pandemic dies down by spring time, Grasso stated that O’Rourke could potentially do in-person classes. The department aims to limit O’Rourke’s class size in order to promote stronger interactions with students.

Grasso cited O’Rourke’s experience in Congress and the El Paso city council as unique factors that will help students understand Texas politics.

“He’s an actual practitioner out there,” Grasso stated. “You don’t know a man until you’ve walked a mile in his moccasins, and none of us have walked in his moccasins.”

For now, O’Rourke has plans of teaching for the spring 2021 semester but Grasso is optimistic that the university can forge a long-lasting relationship with the former congressman. He believes that this could be “the beginning of a long-term relationship.”

The fact that a darling of the Left and ex-politician is set to be quickly integrated into a major university in Texas just shows how consumed by leftism most American universities have become. O’Rourke will do a fantastic job in propagating political correctness, much to the detriment of his students’ learning experience.



YouTube Recognizes “Unthanksgiving,” “Indigenous Resistance” As Alternative to Thanksgiving

This is even a holiday?



Big Tech platform YouTube decided to honor the obscure left-wing holiday of “Unthanksgiving” on Thanksgiving Day, informing its followers on Twitter of the protest holiday.

The censorious Big Tech platform was thoroughly “ratioed” in response to the bizarre tweet thread, with users calling into question YouTube’s endorsement of a left-wing, slanted and anti-white interpretation of the history of the Americas.

A subsequent YouTube tweet went on to link to a left-wing academic project which likened the modern-day territory of the continental United States to various American Indian tribal groups. Many Americans of diverse backgrounds maintain the legacy of Native Americans to this day- especially in rural America. The geographic location of Native American tribal groups in the United States is not analogous to sovereign territories of nation-states, as the project seemed to suggest.

The holiday of Thanksgiving recognizes cooperation between New England Puritans and the American Indians living in the area. One would think this is something that liberals could get behind, but the Left has increasingly targeted the holiday for cultural destruction.

It’s not up to corporate oligarchs and San Francisco tech executives to declare time-honored American traditions as “racist.” Perhaps if they’re so concerned about the welfare of American Indians and tribal issues(a valid topic of discussion), they should give up their own land, property and massive wealth, as opposed to smugly lecturing the general public.

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