Rod Rosenstein Buys Himself Until Thursday…After Verbally Resigning

Deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein has bought himself until Thursday before his meeting with President Donald Trump, which will determine his fate at the Department of Justice.

Axios, Bloomberg, Sara Carter, and even CNN all confirmed that Rod Rosenstein verbally resigned, and that his resignation was accepted by President Trump’s White House. Those confirmations are important, because Adam Schiff started urging Rosenstein not to resign, and Ted Lieu the Democrat started pushing the narrative that forcing Rosenstein out could be considered obstruction of justice on Trump’s part.

Trump now has three more days to skillfully navigate how to officially categorize Rosenstein’s departure.

Noel Francisco — a former clerk for Antonin Scalia whom Democrats don’t like — is poised to take oversight of the Robert Mueller investigation in Rosenstein’s absence, since Jeff Sessions already recused himself for some reason.

Insiders say that Rosenstein brought to the top ranks of his DOJ an entire team with him from Maryland, where he previously served as U.S. Attorney beginning during the Clinton administration. His wife represented Bill Clinton and Rosenstein interrogated Hillary Clinton in the Whitewater case (without bringing charges), a fact that he conveniently tried to hide on his official Senate confirmation forms.

The left-wingers at, meanwhile, are planning massive rallies to defend Rosenstein, in a shameless embrace of a corrupt government official. Where is Jeff Sessions? He spent the weekend tailgating the Auburn football game.

Sarah Sanders announced that due to the president’s schedule — he is currently seated next to Nikki Haley at a UN function on the drug epidemic — the president will not meet Rosenstein until Thursday.

Rosenstein was photographed outside the White House with his usual arrogant smirk.

Here is Sarah Sanders’ statement.

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