Roger Stone: Eric Swalwell Is Lying, I Never Amended My Testimony

In a Big League Politics interview conducted prior to the charges against him, political strategist Roger Stone laid out how Eric Swalwell, Democrat from California, used MSNBC to create the talking point that Stone “amended” his House Intelligence Committee testimony.

Categorically false, says Stone. He never amended anything, merely provided more information.

“Congressman Eric Swalwell told MSNBC that I lied to the House Intelligence Committee and that I “amended” my testimony three times. This is categorically false! I supplemented my testimony three times – in the first submission I identified my source for the Significance and October timing of the Wikileaks exposures as Randy Credico (see text messages I released proving this), in the second submission I reported an approach by an FBI informant in May 2016 who attempted unsuccessfully to sell me information regarding Hillary Clinton and in the third instance I asked the committee to correct their final report because they omitted the word “the” from my tweet “the” Podesta’s time in the barrel will come. Who’s lying?”

There was also a leak of House Intelligence Committee exclusive information to The Atlantic reporter Natasha Bertrand.

President Donald Trump political adviser Roger Stone appears to be innocent of colluding with anyone, including the Russian government, with regard to his 2016 promotion of Julian Assange’s Wikileaks dump of Democratic National Committee emails.

Was Stone actively colluding with Assange or Putin? Stone says no, his source is named Randy Credico, a comedian and activist.

Here are the text messages between Stone and Credico, which Stone says clears him of any accusation of Russian collusion.

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