Roger Stone Files Motion to Remove Judge From Controversial Case

Roger Stone has filed a motion to remove the presiding judge from his controversial court case on Saturday, just days after the longtime Republican political operative was sentenced to a stringent 40-month prison term for lying to federal investigators.

Stone is seeking a new trial, and his legal team is pointing out evidence of Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s bias against their client as cause for a new judge. Jackson complimented the jury after they handed on the lengthy prison sentence on Stone for process crimes, stating that they had “served with integrity.

There’s further reason to believe that Stone, a former adviser to President Donald Trump in the early days of his 2016 Presidential campaign, has been made a victim of deep-seated political bias during the trial, one of the few to result from Robert Mueller’s lengthy and ultimately empty Russian interference probe.

At least one juror has stepped forward to bemoan an effort by the DOJ to dial back aggressive prosecutors seeking to place Stone in prison for an even lengthier amount of time. Juror Tomeka Heart is a committed Democrat former congressional candidate. She’s posted at length on her personal social media about her personal dislike of President Trump.

It’s rather shocking that a juror with such a distinguishable political affiliation wouldn’t be passed up in a court case with direct national political implications. Stone’s lawyers mention Heart’s partisan affiliation in their court filing for a new trial and judge.

Stone currently remains free, pending his filing for a new trial.

Tucker Carlson discussed the pressing ethical lapses surrounding Stone’s conviction and sentencing during a segment on his show Thursday night.

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