Roger Stone Issues Statement in Response to January 6 Committee 

After the sham January 6 committee hearing that took place on October 13,  political consultant and staunch Trump ally Roger Stone released a statement clearing his name of any alleged wrongdoing that took place in the lead-up to the January 6 storming of the United States capitol. 

Stone declared the following: 

 Any claim or assertion that I knew about, either in advance about, participated in or condoned any act — by any person or group — at or anywhere near the United States Capitol or anywhere in the District of Columbia, the United States, or Planet Earth — on January 6th, or any other date, that was either unlawful, illegal, or otherwise intended in any way to cause damage or disrupt any proceedings of Congress, or any other governmental body, is categorically false.

He added that “Any claim or assertion that I was involved at any time in any effort of any kind by any person or group to delay, hinder or otherwise obstruct the certification of presidential electors by the Congress, pursuant to the Constitution of the United States, is also categorically false.”

Stone stressed that nothing brought forth during the January 6th committee hearing contradicts any of Stone’s previous statements. The pro-Trump political consultant proclaimed that “What we did see today was a continuation of the tactic of ‘guilt by association.’” 

Stone continued: “Just because I know someone or have met them does not constitute proof that I was aware of any impending criminal conspiracy. The committee today provided no evidence to the contrary.”

Stone called out Cassidy Hutchinson, a former employee of President Donald Trump, who attempted to loop Stone into this so-called conspiracy:

In one of the committee’s previous “hearings,” Cassidy Hutchinson, a disgruntled former employee of President Donald Trump (not retained in the post-presidency, despite seeking a position), claimed that Trump directed his Chief of Staff Mark Meadows to call both General Michael Flynn and me, purportedly to ‘find out what would happen on January 6th.’  Hutchinson also claimed that Trump directed Meadows to make a similar call, in order to be briefed on a purported meeting held in the Willard Hotel in a supposed War Room.’  Hutchinson further testified that these alleged calls were, in fact, completed.”

Stone declared that “These assertions are entirely false, as no such phone calls ever took place. Nor was I in or aware of any “War Room” in the Willard Hotel, as confirmed by three sources to the Washington Post.

On top of that, Stone slapped down a video shown at the January 6th committee that tried to paint Stone in an insurrection light. He issued the following the statements clearing his name:

The video shown by the January 6th committee today (who leaked it first to CNN and MSNBC), also produced by the Danish filmmakers, which claimed that I said that Donald Trump should declare victory even if he “lost,” in fact, says that he should claim victory if the race for president was “up in the air” — the exact same strategic political advice James A. Baker III gave George W. Bush in 2000 when that race was in dispute.

This contradicts the January 6th committee claim that I advocated that Trump should claim victory regardless of the outcome of the race. My comments are constitutionally protected free speech as well as sound political and public relations strategy.

Stone continued: 

I will also prove that their video, which the committee showed today, appears to show me advocating violence is a fabrication. How convenient that everyone in the video’s mouths are obscured with masks? How interesting that the audio matches exactly an audio released by CNN a week ago in which I cannot be seen at all. Because it is my intention to bring a $25 million defamation lawsuit against the Danish filmmakers Christoffer Guldbrandsen and Frederik Marbell, this will be proven in subsequent litigation.

Strangely, the January 6th committee failed to show the following video in which I addressed a large crowd at a legally permitted event in front of the U.S. Supreme Court on January 5th, where I specifically renounced violence and warned Trump supporters not to be baited.

Stone believes that the media’s obsession with how he allegedly ”served as a liaison or go-between between the Trump White House, the Trump campaign and groups termed by the media to be ‘extremists’’ has no factual basis. The political consultant noted that “there are no encrypted messages, non-encrypted messages, e-mails, phone calls, or witnesses to the contrary. The committee produced none today – because there are none.” 

Irrespective of the facts that Stone presented, the DC political class and its media lapdogs have continued pushing the narrative that Stone was intimately involved in the planning of January 6, which he spelled out below: 

Despite this, Rep. Zoe Lofgren described Oath Keeper Joshua James as a ‘close associate’ of mine during today’s hearing. The first time I ever met him was on January 5th, and the claims by the Danish filmmakers that he was “in my suite” at the Willard actually means he delivered a suitcase to my room and was in the room for less than one minute, something the committee could easily confirm using their subpoenaed footage.

Because I was unable to hire off-duty D.C. police officers to provide security for me, as I had done quite legally during my pretrial motions in D.C. and during my trial, I accepted a voluntary security detail from the Oath Keepers. During that time I witnessed and heard nothing that would preview any individual’s involvement in the illegal events of January 6th. If the committee has actual evidence to the contrary, they should produce it, but they have none and guilt by association is their obvious and transparent tactic.

Stone also provided video evidence of his speech, which he firmly believes had no incitement to violence:

Guldbrandsen has also told a Danish media outlet that my speech on the evening of January 5th, “heavily incited violence.” He was not there and did not film the speech. Here is the entire speech, as you can see, there is no incitement to violence, and all of my statements are consistent with my First Amendment right to question the results of the 2020 election. My views reflect my religiously-based apocalyptic view of the struggle in America today. This is not an incitement to violence as CNN has claimed.

In his concluding remarks, Stone laid out the following:

The January 6th committee continues to traffic in conspiracy theories but has yet to turn up any actual evidence or proof that I engaged in any improper activity in connection with January 6th, other than the exercise of my free speech rights which they now claim is illegal.

Overall, there’s a clear witchunt being launched against former President Donald Trump and his associates. The Cultural Left is now playing for keeps. They not only want to defeat their opposition at the polls, they want to effectively destroy them and leave them in ruins. 

Those are now the stakes in American politics. Republicans must recognize this new political environment we live in. Playing the usual political games of consensus and getting along with others is a surefire way to get vanquished by the predatory Left.

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