‘Make Europe Great Again’ Conference in Romania Demonstrates Unity Among Global Populist Right

A Romanian political conference, Make Europe Great Again (MEGA), conducted over the weekend demonstrated how various right-wing populist movements throughout the world are rising in tandem to pose a major challenge to the existing political order.

Conference speakers included many on the forefront of the nationalist movement in Europe as well as relevant figures in other countries, including COVID vaccine skeptic Dr. Robert Malone, MLK Jr’s granddaughter Alveda King, and Sound of Freedom producer Eduardo Verástegui.

Two of the American speakers at the conference, Mark Ivanyo of Republicans for National Renewal and Jack Posobiec of Human Events, discussed the success of the MEGA Conference on Real America’s Voice on Monday.

“It’s the global left. They have a lot of power, a lot of influences, a lot of resources. They have been networking for many years, well before conservatives were getting together. The one thing they don’t have is the support of the people,” Ivanyo said.

“When the stakes are so high and you’re fighting against this globalist tyranny, you have to work together,” he added, urging right-wing populists from various countries to put aside their historical grievances to focus on the goal of eradicating the Left.

The MEGA conference was held by the Alliance for the Union of Romanians (AUR), an upstart right-wing political party that is set to make major gains in European Parliament during upcoming elections.

George Simion is the President of the AUR, and he is dedicated to stop the Left’s subterfuge meant to prevent the renewal of his nation.

“They break every electoral law. They break the Constitution in order to stop us from coming into power,” Simeon said in an interview with The New American, referring to the “liberals” and “socialists” whose power is rapidly slipping away in Romania.

“Having you here, our American friends and our European friends, is a reassurance for us that they will not do anything drastic like police raids, organizing accidents, putting us even in prison. I am not joking. They would do anything they can just to prevent us from taking the government this year,” he added.

It is the same story everywhere. The deep state, whether it is in the U.S. or Romania, will stop at nothing to keep power. But the Populist Right is growing stronger, fighting smarter, and realizing that unity is their strength, and possessing the mandate of people, will remove the criminal establishment and bring them to justice. The AUR has accomplished incredible feats in less than five years of existence and stands to make major gains in both local and parliamentary elections of June.

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