Ron DeSantis Appoints Pro-Mask Fanatic Democrat To County Commission

Florida Republican governor Ron DeSantis has appointed a fanatical pro-mask Democrat to the Broward County Commission, marking the second time that DeSantis has appointed this leftist ideologue to a high-ranking position after previously hiring him as the director of the state’s Division of Emergency Management. Jared Moskowitz, a former Democrat state representative who identifies himself on Twitter as “Jared MASKowitz,” snared the coveted DeSantis appointment for an open Broward County Commission 8th district seat. This means that leftist mask cultist Moskowitz will have the advantage of incumbency when he comes up for re-election in 2022 if he chooses to run.

DeSantis also appointed a Republican named Torey Alston to replace a Democrat in Broward County’s ninth district commission seat. Though DeSantis has gained popularity among conservatives for some of his opposition to Coronavirus tyranny, DeSantis has also catered to the establishment on some issues, infamously criminalizing criticism of Israel on public school campuses in the Sunshine State. Conservative Florida political insiders are baffled by DeSantis’ appointment of Moskowitz, Big League Politics has learned. Here are some social media posts that make it clear that Moskowitz is not on the side of Freedom — to say the least.

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