Ron DeSantis Claims China Foments Global Instability by Propping Up Iran and Russia

During a recent foreign policy speech, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis declared that China poses a “formidable threat” to the US while also accusing it of fomenting global instability via its economic connections to Russia and Iran.

“China is the key player behind both of those foreign conflicts,” DeSantis stated on  October 27, 2023 at the conservative Heritage Foundation think tank. In his speech, DeSantis  connected the Chinese Communist Party regime to the Russo-Ukrainian and the Israel-Hamas conflict.

“The CCP is keeping both Iran and Russia afloat financially,” he proclaimed. “China is purchasing massive amounts of Iranian oil on the black market, thereby enriching mullahs and Russia is selling China gas and much, much more and that is bolstering Russia’s war machine.”

DeSantis asserted that those conflicts will ultimately undermine US interests, while China stands to benefit.

“Lengthy conflicts, particularly between Russia and Ukraine will ultimately benefit China because it will distract America and it will deplete our already dwindling western weapons and ammunition stockpiles,” he remarked.

If he is elected, DeSantis promised to pivot US policy to focus on the Indo-Pacific region. He pushed for “hard power” to prevent China from invading Taiwan, promising to expand the US Navy to 355 ships by the end of his first term with the goal of reaching 385 ships by the end of his second term.  This is part of a broader campaign to build a 600-ship fleet within the upcoming 20 years.

Furthermore, DeSantis also said he would reform export controls to bar China from its hands on emerging technologies and working with allies to construct supply chains to avoid dependence on Chinese markets for the essential natural resources needed for the US to carry out high-tech manufacturing functions.

China is no benign actor. But there are more constructive ways of dealing with China. This consists of restricting immigration from mainland China and decoupling trade relations with it. This does not require the use of military force against China — a frightening prospect for geopolitical stability.

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