Ron DeSantis Wants Child Sex Criminals to Face a Minimum Sentence of Life in Prison 

On January 27, 2023 , Florida Governor Ron DeSantis revealed a proposal that would make a significant change to the state’s criminal code. This proposal consisted of increasing the minimum sentence for child sex offenders to life in prison.

In addition, DeSantis stated that he wants to have capital punishment brought back for child sex offenders. However, he pointed out that his ability to carry this out would require the Supreme Court to overturn its decision on using the death penalty.  

“They said the Constitution does not allow capital punishment for anything short of a homicide,” DeSantis stated, making a reference to a Supreme Court decision issued a decade ago.

“The problem with that you have some of these sex predators that will abuse these very very young children, do it habitually, and I’m just thinking to myself, you’re ruining those kids’ lives– those are innocent kids.”

DeSantis hinted that the current Supreme Court would “not uphold” the prior ruling, which would give his administration leeway to explore “ways to facilitate” capital punishment for sex criminals, which was well received by participants in attendance. 

“We understand it’ll be a challenge,” he added, “but I think it’s ripe for us to challenge a decision that wasn’t well thought out.”

“What we know we can do regardless of how the Supreme Court stuff shakes out, is we do wanna ensure that the minimum sentence for these predators who are raping these young kids, that they do at least get life in prison because they will re-offend if you put them back on the streets.”

“These people don’t care,” DeSantis commented about child sex criminals, declaring that they are “the worst of the worst.”

“They are unrepentant, they don’t care about these children; they will do whatever they can do to satiate themselves at the expense of very very vulnerable people”, DeSantis continued.

Degeneracy has no place in the US. State governments must crack down on the sex offenders with the full force of the law. No ifs ands or buts.

Say what you want about Ron DeSantis’s foreign policy, his domestic policy is largely on point.

At this juncture, making DeSantis governor for life would be a tantalizing proposition.


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