Ron Paul Calls for the Abolition of the FBI

Former Congressman Ron Paul is calling for the abolition of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in light of the release of the “Twitter Files.”

In a post titled “’Twitter Files’ Make It Clear, We Must Abolish The FBI”, Paul specifically cited journalist Matt Taibbi’s recent “Twitter Files” release where he argued that Twitter was effectively an “FBI subsidiary.”

The FBI was in constant contact with Twitter. FBI agents sent Twitter Trust and Safety chief Yoel Roth roughly 150 emails between 2020 and 2022. 

In those emails, US government officials were pressing Twitter to censor posts and ban users they had beef with. The Foreign Influence Task Force (FITF), a US government agency that included the FBI in addition to other US intelligence agencies that can’t engage in domestic activities, had 80 agents regularly pushing Twitter to censor certain Tweets and ban certain users. Further, the Department of Homeland Security turned to government contractors and non-governmental organizations (who received government funding) to press Twitter to censor speech the US government was pestered by. Effectively, the government and the non-governmental organization complex has done everything possible to get Twitter to advance the managerial state’s pro-censorship agenda. 

Paul noted that had these censorship efforts taken place under the administration of former President Donald Trump, there would be constant outrage. However, as Paul observed, “since these US government employees were by-and-large acting to suppress pro-Trump sentiment, all we hear are crickets.”

One point that Paul called attention to was how the FBI and its partners in the administrative state were obsessed with policing content promoting satire and humor. He likened such governmental behavior to Soviet Union times, when the populace began spreading dissident content (samizdat) that ridiculed and satirized the government. 

Paul observed the following truth about petty tyrants:

“Tyrants hate humor and cannot withstand satire. That is clearly why the FBI (and CIA) was determined to see a heavy hand raised against any American poking fun at the deep state.”

While the corporate media has ignored the “Twitter Files”, Americans have not. 

According to a recently released Harvard CAPS/Harris poll, roughly two-thirds of respondents believe that Twitter was engaged in politically-motivated censorship as the 2020 elections approached. In addition, 70% of individuals polled believe Congress must clamp down on the unholy partnership between Big Tech and the government.

Paul described this relationship as “un-American” and ended his piece by declaring the following: 

We do not need the FBI and CIA and other federal agencies viewing us as the enemy and attacking our Constitution. End the Fed…and End the Federal Bureau of Investigation!”

Indeed, the FBI needs to get scrapped. Such agencies are a blight on the American Republic and embody everything the Founding Generation fought against. To maintain the sanctity of the American Republic, the FBI must be abolished.

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