Ron Paul Calls Volodymyr Zelensky “Arrogant”

While the corporate media gushes all over Ukraine and its efforts to stave off Russia’s invasion, former Congressman Ron Paul and his co-host Daniel McAdams dropped some uncomfortable truths on an episode of the Ron Paul Liberty Report titled “NYT ‘Bombshell’ – CIA Massively Engaged On-Ground In Ukraine.”

In this episode Paul and McAdams discussed the CIA’s presence in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. The CIA and US military advisers have maintained a presence in Ukraine, especially in eastern Ukraine, since the Maidan crisis of 2014 kicked off. 

The present phase of this crisis has been tragicomic to say the least.

For one, the copious amount of military aid dumped into Ukraine has really called into question the US’s strategic sanity. Moreover, it has showcased the arrogant nature of Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, who is constantly begging for the Collective West to continue bailing his government out with economic and military aid.

This constant pleading for aid comes at a time when Ukrainian forces are taking massive losses. This goes against the triumphalist narrative the corporate press is pushing about Ukraine defeating Russia. In effect, the US is fighting Russia to the last Ukrainian by providing more military aid to Ukraine. 

When McAdams mentioned these harsh realities about the current conflict, Paul declared that “I think it’s pretty amazing how arrogant, the Ukrainians can be…Zelensky in particular. 

Paul called attention to how Zelensky doesn’t even say “please” when he asks for more weapons and aid. 

The former Texas congressman argued that “this war 

could last for a long time” if the US continues aiding and abetting this proxy war in Ukraine. 

This is what happens when the US overcommits itself abroad and pursues foreign conflicts that don’t advance a pressing national interest.

The US needs to turn off the military aid spigot to Ukraine and pass off the task of reaching a diplomatic settlement to European countries. From there, the US should leave NATO and focus on securing its border and working to rebuild its relationship with countries in the Western Hemisphere. 

The US desperately needs to correct the misguided foreign policy course it has pursued over the past century. If it doesn’t come to its senses, the US will invariably go through a nasty phase of imperial decline.

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