Ron Paul Endorses Don Huffines for Governor of Texas

On October 14, 2021, former Texas Congressman Ron Paul endorsed former State Senator Don Huffines in the Republican primary race for Texas Governor. 

Paul lavished praise on the former Texas Senator, who is now challenging incumbent Governor Greg Abbott to be the Republican candidate in the 2022 general election. Paul argues that Huffines is the right candidate to occupy the Governor’s mansion.

“I’m joining thousands of Texans in supporting Don Huffines for governor of Texas,” Paul declared. “This race will only be won if Texans rise up and demand a governor who will actually defend our God-given liberties. Texas is worth fighting for.”

Huffines enthusiastically embraced the endorsement by thanking Paul and extolling his track record as a pro-liberty congressman. The former Texas Senator vowed to continue fighting for liberty as an elected official.

“My family and I have been blessed by the Paul family’s friendship for many years and are grateful for their support,” Huffines stated. “Dr. Paul’s example of consistent, principled leadership has been an inspiration to me throughout my life and especially during my time serving in the Texas Senate. Like Ron Paul, I will never cease fighting for liberty.”

Paul served two stints in Congress (1979-1985) and (1997-2013). He also ran for the presidency as a Republican in 2008 and 2012. His presidential runs as a Republican were far more successful than his presidential bid as a Libertarian (1988).

Paul’s son, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, previously endorsed Huffines’s run for Governor of Texas.  

Huffines is a palatable candidate for libertarians, constitutional conservatives, MAGA populists, and conservatives who have generally been disillusioned by the Texas political establishment.  

If Texas conservatives want to see real change, Don Huffines is their guy. They should take advantage of the 2022 primaries to make sure that Huffines has as strong of a performance as possible. 

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