Ron Paul Will Exclusively Stream on Rumble After Being Censored on YouTube 

Starting in early August, former Texas Congressman Ron Paul will be live-streaming exclusively on Rumble.

Paul has been a constant target of censorship from the Masters of the Universe at Big Tech.

In some of his recent videos, Paul has talked about potential collusion between Big Tech and the government to carry out censorship against dissident voices online.

Daniel McAdams, Executive Director at Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, made this announcement on an episode of Liberty Report that was published on July 20, 2022.

“This has been a long time coming. We’ve talked a lot about censorship, we’ve talked a lot about the difficulties of having this show,” McAdams stated.

“…we’ve done a couple thousand episodes of the Ron Paul Liberty report. But over the last couple of years, we have struggled a lot with censorship, with the idea that you could be kicked off at any point,” the RPI Executive Director continued.

McAdams explained that he and his co-host’s decision to move to Rumble was largely motivated by free speech reasons.

“We’ll be live streaming on Rumble because Rumble is dedicated to free speech,” Paul stated. “We’re grateful to the people from Rumble for recognizing the effort that we put into the show and for offering us a platform to go live here is the Ron Paul Liberty report on Rumble.” 

Cindy Harper of Reclaim the Net noted that “Last year, YouTube completely deleted the Liberty Report channel run by Dr. Paul, without warning, strikes, or explanation.”

“Very shocked that @YouTube has completely removed the Channel of my Ron Paul Institute: no warning, no strikes, no evidence,” Paul stated on Twitter. “Only explanation was “severe or repeated violations of our community guidelines.” Channel is rarely used. The appeal was automatically rejected. Help?”

Paul’s initial appeal to get his page restored was rejected. However, YouTube eventually reversed course.

Harper noted that the Big Tech harassment directed against the former congressman did not stop there:

This was not the first or last time Dr. Paul was censored by Big Tech. In January of last year, he was suspended from his Facebook page. Facebook admitted the suspension was a mistake and reinstated the page.

The Ron Paul Liberty Report begins streaming exclusively on Rumble on August 2.

The former Congressman has remained active on social media ever since he retired from politics in 2013. Paul’s message against monopoly central banking, interventionism abroad, the surveillance state, and the bio security state has remained strong. The RPLR has allowed him and his partner, Daniel McAdams, to expose the Deep State’s dirtiest machinations. 

It’s a positive development to see competing social media outlets like Rumble provide an alternative to mainstream platforms. Nevertheless, social media’s regulatory framework needs to be overhauled to conform with the realities of 21st century discourse. 

Right-wing populists must make it a point to pass an Internet of Bill Rights to protect free speech online from corporate and state censorship. Free speech online is an existential matter for the populist Right and it cannot allow the managerial state and its allies in the private sector to muzzle it shut. 

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