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Ronald Reagan’s Attorney General Endorses Jeff Sessions For Alabama Senate

Ed Meese was Attorney General from 1985 to 1988.



Ed Meese, an attorney who served as Ronald Reagan’s Attorney General from 1985 to 1988, announced his endorsement of Jeff Sessions in the Alabama U.S. Senate Republican runoff election on Wednesday.

Meese made his case for endorsing Jeff Sessions in a radio ad now airing throughout Alabama.

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Meese, an Alabaman, broke down why Sessions recused himself from the Russia conspiracy probe, and how his recusal was ultimately instrumental in ensuring that allegations of Russian collusion were throughout debunked and President Trump vindicated.

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88-year old Meese recieved a Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Donald Trump in 2019. He was a longtime associate of Ronald Reagan’s, beginning his relationship with the iconic conservative President in the 1960’s as Reagan’s Chief of Staff when he served as the Governor of California.

Sessions in running for the Republican nomination for Senate against Tommy Tuberville, a football coach making an entry in national politics despite little experience in the field. Tubervile has been questioned by some leading America First advocates for his connections to liberal Republicans and mass immigration lobbyists.

Jeff Sessions, however, is known to possess one of the strongest conservative track records on immigration policy for any federal legislator. Sessions recently was the first national political figure to call for an immigration moratorium in the wake of the coronavirus recession rendering tens of millions of Americans unemployed, a policy proposal that President Trump himself later went on to partially implement.

Recent polling shows Sessions handily cutting into the lead of Tuberville, who is generously funded by establishment Republican donors and political consultants. The football coach has steadfastly refused to debate Sessions, who formerly held the Senate seat in addition to serving as Attorney General, and the runoff election for the nomination is set to occur on July 14th. The winner will go on to face Democratic Senator Doug Jones in the November general election.

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Democrats Push to Save Bankrupt Postal Service in Order to Promote Democrat Mail-in Voting Scheme

They are setting up the steal.



Democrats are shilling to save the bankrupt and destitute U.S. Postal Service (USPS) so mail-in voting can replace physical voting in November’s presidential election.

Started by left-wing comedian Samantha Bee, liberals are participating in the #MailedIt campaign to encourage Americans to mail in their voting ballots rather than going in and actually submitting their ballots on election day in traditional fashion. They are targeting the Trump administration, which has warned of the potential for fraud because of mail-in voting.

“The government is leveraging the pandemic to privatize mail deliveries,” said Samantha Bee. “President Trump and his team of vote suppressors don’t want your vote to count. He is adding the USPS to a long list of things he is afraid of, like books, stairs, and strong wind. I’m using my voice and resources to activate our fan base to enact real change because if we lose the post office I’m going to finally have to learn to use my email and I do NOT remember my password.”

Bee and other liberals have been using the hashtag all day in an attempt to rally support around USPS.

It is worth noting that this political campaign is being promoted with advertisements over Twitter, which is an apparent violation of their terms of service.

With mail-in voting being used in recent elections due to the COVID-19 pandemic, instances of alleged fraud are already emerging. Big League Politics reported on a handful of Democrats being charged with ballot tampering in New Jersey during an election conducted entirely by mail-in voting:

Four men, two of whom are Democratic city council members, have been charged with running a voter fraud operation in the town of Paterson, New Jersey.

New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal announced charges of mail-in voting fraud, election fraud, and illegal possession of mail-in ballots against Michael Jackson, Alex Mendez, Shelim Khalique, and Abu Rayzen.

Jackson is an active city councilman, while Mendez is a councilman-elect. Khalique is the brother of another Paterson city councilman, and Rayzen is a campaign operative for Khalique’s brother, Shahin Khalique.

The charges allege that Jackson took it upon himself to pick up completed mail-in ballots from voters in the city and delivered them to the Passaic County Board of Elections. Jackson failed to disclose to the board of elections that he delivered ballots for that he’s a city council member, and in one case, a ballot that he picked up that was unsealed was delivered to the election authorities sealed and completed.

Mendez is also accused of the same form of dishonest ballot harvesting, declining to reveal that he was a candidate for office when dropping off mail-in ballots. He’s also charged with falsifying and tampering with records.

Although they’re rarely enforced, New Jersey laws criminalizing election fraud have strict penalties, and it’s possible that the men could face prison sentences of up to ten years if they’re convicted of the second-degree felonies of which they’re charged.

Democrats are gleefully opening Pandora’s Box for abuse with their push to prop up the USPS and enable widespread mail-in voting.

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