Roseanne Barr Talks Valerie Jarrett Tweet on ‘Hannity’ In First Interview Since ABC Firing

A controversial television star opened up about her latest public spectacle on Fox News’ “Hannity.”

“I don’t understand a lot, to tell you the truth,” Barr told Sean Hannity regarding the backlash from her controversial tweet about senior advisor to former President Barack Obama. “The first thing was shock that they were saying it was racial when it’s political, and that’s a hard one to take. Then everyone started saying it was ‘racist’ which is the worst thing you can a Jewish person, especially one like me who grew up with Holocaust survivors.”

“muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj,” she tweeted in May.

The Tweet was deemed racist because Jarrett is a black woman, and Roseanne’s 2018 show, “Roseanne,” which was a re-boot of the same sitcom from the 1980’s and 1990’s. She was fired by ABC shortly after posting the Tweet.

Barr defended herself against the accusation, explaining her long history of fighting racism while working for the Green Party, and telling Hannity that there are many races of people within her immediate family. She also said that she had no idea that Jarrett was black, considering that Jarrett hails from Iran, and spent a great deal of time living there.

“I was so sad, and I’m so sad that anyone thinks that of me, but I’m not that person,” she said. “I was going through a lot of – a very hard time, you know.”

Hannity asked what Barr would say to Valerie Jarrett if Jarrett were watching.

“I would say this: Valerie, let’s discuss this,” Barr said, looking straight into the camera. “Don’t assume that you know what I meant, because I think you don’t know what I meant, and I would like to make it clearer to you what I did mean.”

Roseanne also addressed her health issues, her childhood and charitable giving.


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