Roughly 20% of Shootings in Seattle Take Place Close to Homeless Encampments

According to figures recently published by the city of Seattle, homeless encampments are experiencing a substantial percentage of shots fired in 2022. 

The most recent update from the One Seattle Homelessness Action Plan noted that roughly 20% of all citywide shootings and shots fired through September had ties to an unauthorized encampment or a homeless person.

Of the 573 recorded incidents of shootings and shots fired, the city noted that 101 reports were in connection to homelessness. In effect, this figure constitutes roughly 18% of total cases being close to encampments across Seattle.

The Epoch Times reported that “Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell’s office said in a statement that the 101 reports represent an average of three shots fired per week in connection to homeless camps.”

Like most Democratic-run cities, Seattle is marked by lax law enforcement and permissive attitudes towards crime and other socially deviant behavior. So it should not come as a shock as to why the city is experiencing these bizarre criminal incidents. Once again, what’s taking place in Seattle and other blue cities showcases the importance of paying attention to local politics. When people take their eyes off of local politics, they will quickly see their beloved cities go down the tubes. 

If local policymakers don’t come to their senses on law & order, America’s most prestigious cities are well on their way to becoming facsimiles of Gotham. This would mark another step towards civilizational decline. 

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