Roughly 9,000 Illegal Aliens Caught Under Texas State Government’s Border Enforcement Measures

The Texas state government’s Operation Lone Star program has resulted in the arrest of 9,000 migrants for breaking state law. This program’s focus is on the enforcement of Texas law that migrants routinely violate once they illegally cross the border from Mexico.

The operation subjects illegal aliens to criminal consequences who willingly invade Texas. Since Operation Lone Star was launched in March, law enforcement officers and Texas National Guard units arrested over 8,800 migrants for committing state crimes.

“The National Guard and DPS have apprehended over 76,000 migrants and arrested over 8,800 who committed a state or federal crime, including smugglers and human traffickers, to crack down on illegal crossings of migrants coming from over 150 countries around the world,” said Governor Abbott’s spokesman Renae Eze in a written statement that was sent to Breitbart Texas. “While the Biden Administration refuses to do their job and ignores the pleas of border communities for help, Governor Abbott continues working with state and local partners to surge critical personnel and resources needed to secure the border and protect Texans.”

Several local law enforcement officials were thankful for the state’s support in fostering security along the border.

“Residents want protection, they want this to end,” Kinney County Sheriff Brad Coe declared in an article the Texas Tribune published. “[Migrants] are tearing up their livelihood, they’re tearing up their fences, driving off their hunters, and that’s our big industry here.”

Bob Price of Breitbart News highlighted one case of an illegal alien wreaking havoc within Texas’ jurisdiction:

A case in point, Cotulla Station Border Patrol agents in the Laredo Sector attempted to stop a driver of a stolen pickup truck. Please near the border report increasing numbers of stolen vehicles that are utilized by human smugglers to move their “cargo” into the United States interior.

The driver of the vehicle fled, crashing through a rancher’s fence while attempting to escape,” Chief Patrol Agent Matthew Hudak tweeted.

The Texas state government’s program is a good first step, but it’s still not enough to fully address the state’s migratory problem — something the federal government has created. 

Indeed, Abbott’s actions have been influenced by former Texas Senator Don Huffines’ and former Texas Republican Party Chairman Allen West’s respective primary campaigns. Both candidates have called for Texas to take a more energetic approach on immigration and have even called out Abbott for doing enough to secure the border.

Even if Huffines and West don’t go very far, their presence keeps Abbott honest and compels him to go Right on key issues. 

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