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Roundup: Conservatives Who Cheered (And Some Who Smeared) Laura Loomer’s Twitter Protest



Thursday, conservative reporter Laura Loomer handcuffed herself to Twitter’s headquarters in New York City in an epic protest of her ban from the platform and the silencing of conservatives on social media.

Most conservatives supported the protest, as Loomer took a powerful stand for the First Amendment. But other alleged “conservatives” had some grievances over the protest or with Loomer herself, which they aired while sitting behind their desks like the do-nothing’s they are. Here is the list of the good, the bad and the ugly:


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Michelle Malkin: Author and CRTV host Michelle Malkin has stood behind Loomer since she was banned.

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“Go, girl. Loomer & team have affixed huge side-by-side sign to Twitter HQ doorway comparing Farrakhan anti-Semitic tweet allowed by vs. her anti-Sharia tweet that got her banned,” Malkin Tweeted during Loomer’s protest.

Malkin has also derided the weak “conservatives” who have been choosy about who they think should have First Amendment rights, mostly the NeoConservative crowd.

“All those who stood up for who are now mocking Laura Loomer for protesting her Twitter ban because she dared to criticize Sharia & Ihlan Omar: You don’t get it. You never will,” she Tweeted.

Dinesh D’Souza: D’Souza, too, shared his support for Loomer.

“Laura Loomer called me just after being released and I told her she scored a home run against the narrow-minded creeps who tried to strike her out. How great that she is trending #1 on a platform where she doesn’t even have an account,” he said.

He also made some of the same observations as Malkin regarding the weaker “conservative” crowd.

“Some conservatives are uncomfortable with Laura Loomer’s confrontational strategy, offering instead their own whimper In private and warn that the world is coming to an end strategy,” he said.

Danielle D’Souza Gill: Dinesh’s daughter Danielle attended the protest to support Loomer, and live streamed it on Twitter, helping it trend at number one nationally.

“Any of us could be banned next. But I’d rather be banned by Twitter for advocating for than sit by while an egregious double standard continues ,” she said in one of multiple Tweets from the scene.

Mike Cernovich: Cernovich Tweeted his support for Loomer during and after her protest, noting that Loomer has more courage than most conservative men.

Ann Coulter: The firebrand author also Tweeted her support for Loomer.

“What on earth was she banned for??? Go, Laura!” she said.

CJ Pearson: The 16-year-old conservative pundit came out swinging in favor of Loomer. Subsequently, his Twitter account was suspended for his “age.” Twitter claims the suspension was an accident, but insiders who are in contact with the tech giant told Big League Politics that is highly unlikely.

Jack Posobiec: Posobiec has always supported Loomer, and he continued to do so Thursday. He bashed the political left for opposing the protest.

“The Left cheered when an illegal immigrant climbed the Statue of Liberty to protest deportation When Jewish activist Laura Loomer protested censorship they mocked her appearance,” he said.


Ben Shapiro: Shapiro has always been a member of the garden variety NeoConservative crowd. He is weak-kneed and incapable of understanding that, regardless of how much he genuflects the political left, eventually they will silence him too. He will simply be the last to get eaten. He was triggered by the fact that Loomer, a Jew, wore a yellow star during her protest.

“Three things can be true at once: 1. Loomer shouldn’t have been banned from Twitter. 2. Twitter is obviously looking to purge people with unpalatable political beliefs. 3. Wearing a yellow star to protest a Twitter ban is RIDICULOUS.” he said.

Kassy Dillon: Once part of the #MAGA crowd, Dillon has slowly pivoted towards NeoConservatism. As a former writer for her website, this reporter watched her sell out her beliefs during her last year of college in order ingratiate herself with Shapiro and the DailyWire. Now she is part of the cocktail conservative crowd and works for Shapiro’s site.

“Honestly impressed by how long this filibuster has been going. She’s been shouting for about an hour. Someone give her Green Eggs & Ham,” she said sarcastically.

“I don’t know how much longer I can listen to this. Her voice is piercing. I get why she’s upset, sure, but chaining yourself to private property is a bad move,” she Tweeted later.

Leave it to the loser “conservatives” to complain about Loomer’s voice from inside their cozy offices while Loomer actually takes a stand for the conservative value of freedom of expression.

Kyle Kashuv: The Parkland shooting survivor, too, is enamored with the Shapiro brand of conservatism. (You might be noticing a trend here). The high-schooler called Laura Loomer an “idiot,” and was also triggered by the Jewish star.

“Ratio me all you want, but Laura Loomer acting like an idiot and handcuffing herself to is crazy enough, forget about wearing a star that my grandparents who got burned alive were. Comparing being kicked off a private company’s platform to millions dying is despicable,” he said.

Kashuv might want to brush up on his history. Free expression was banned prior the totalitarian takeover by the Nazis, and of course, the Holocaust. History tends to provide clues about the future.

A note to conservatives who care about the First Amendment and the ability to speak freely: Whether or not you like Loomer, she has been unjustly shunned from public discourse. If something is not changed, we will all be next.

Free Speech

CRUNKPAC: Pro-MAGA Rapper Debuts Roger Stone as His Hype Man at Impromptu Concert in Orlando

This is based.



Roger Stone Breaks Silence Big League Politics

Freed and exonerated political operative Roger Stone served as a hype man for a pro-Trump rapper performing outside of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Fla. this weekend.

Stone was the hype man for rhyme-spitter MC TRUMPISTHECHOSENONE as they appeared in front of a truck with Trump as John Rambo painted on the side of the vehicle. Stone did his trademark peace signs, a tribute to his fellow political prisoner, the late former President Richard Nixon, who was also pardoned by a Republican president after being set up by deep state forces.

Some of the footage can be seen here:

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TMZ noted that MC TRUMPISTHECHOSENONE’s lyrics were relatively controversial, celebrating the patriots involved in the infamous mostly-peaceful protest that occurred on Jan. 6 in and around the U.S. Capitol.

Big League Politics has reported on Stone’s conversion to Christianity as he endured the trials and tributions throughout his federal railroading:

Recently commuted political operative Roger Stone has two men to thank for his newfound freedom: President Donald Trump, and, more importantly, Jesus Christ.

Stone has been involved in political dirty tricks throughout his career and has never been a member of the Christian Right, to put it mildly, but his attempted railroading has caused him to become close to Jesus Christ and discover his faith.

He told CBN News about how he attended an outdoor church service in Florida held by Franklin Graham in January. This was during a low point of his life, and Stone finally summoned the courage to accept Christ as his savior.

“At that moment, I felt the calling,” Stone said. “I stood up with 500 other people. I wasn’t the slightest bit embarrassed. I confess that I was a sinner. I repeated a pledge that he recited, and it was as if a cement block was lifted off my chest. I can’t even explain it.”

“I was never scared. I was never worried. I was completely confident that the Lord would guide the president to do the right thing,” he added.

Although Stone admits to being part of some shady operations throughout his political career, he does not consider his involvement in Trump’s presidential victory in 2016 being among them. He maintains that he behaved with integrity and told the truth while helping push Trump to the White House.

“I don’t regret anything that I did in 2016 because I didn’t break the law,” Stone said to CBN News. “They wanted me to lie, to bear false witness against the president in return for some kind of leniency.”

Stone claims that his newfound faith has made him at peace with the situation, and he does not seek vengeance against the deep state, fake news, and Democrat Party hacks who tried to destroy his life.

“Here’s the big difference. In the old days, I would have wanted revenge. I would have wanted to take revenge against every one of them but now I’ve realized that vengeance is God’s, it’s not mine,” he said.

“I no longer am obsessed with the Sicilian concept of revenge, which generally speaking is a dish that tastes best when eaten cold,” Stone added.

Even though Stone is an adherent in Jesus Christ, he is still not opposed to getting crunk when the time is right, and the time was certainly right at CPAC with Trump supporters flexing their muscle and exerting their dominance over the Republican Party.

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